Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Aveinus Kaane's 2016

Hello everyone,

I'm back to share a post which is admittedly similar to dariens idea on a look back at what I've achieved over 2016. I was originally going to have a look ahead into 2017 as well, however, I think the group will each be sharing their plans for 2017 with you in December!

So lets crack on!

Now it has been a slightly mixed bag of a year for me in the world of 30K I do think I have still managed to achieve a fair amount of completed units for the Iron Hands which really was my main objective from the start of the year. Although work and other life commitments have hampered a lot of progress, I have to say GW beginning bloody brilliant this year has also enticed me into other areas of the hobby like Age of Sigmar and Bloodbowl.

So without further ado, the first unit i'd like to start with is the contemptor dreadnought. it is probably my favourite 30K model i've completed this year because I actually managed to go a step further than my other models and apply a coat of the dreaded purity seal!

Next is the Plasma Gun Support Squad another really enjoyable unit to paint and really the first time I got to play with painting plasma. They've also been a fairly effective unit on the battlefield too! Taking down some nasty looking Ogryns in the last game I played!


Onto my most recently completed unit the Cataphractii Terminators. I must admit, they did feel like a chore at the time but now they are completed I'm really glad I persevered. The pteruges were the bane of my life but again one of my favourite parts of the hobby is seeing the model coming together in its final stages. Just some purity seal to apply in some better weather!


The first model I completed in 2016 was a chap called Castrman Orth and I have to say I think he is my favourite Iron Hands model (bar Ferrus) to use in battle. He has made a decisive impact in every game i've played, especially if he is in a predator tank that isn't the HCB predator! lol. The increased ballistic skill he brings and tank hunter are a boon to the Iron Hands and I really enjoyed painting him to boot!

One of the main things I regret this year is not completing the transfers on the predator tanks, I think I was a little intimidated by applying transfers to the turrets which made me move on to my next project! I'm also not sure if I have painted my second predator this year either without looking that far back in my posts, but I was really happy with how the HCB predator turned out.

I also completed Aveinus Kaane this year too! another Iron Hands character and my avatar on the battlefield. I am not usually one for enjoying converting or kit basing models but this one was an exception. A unique and dynamic pose was what I was going for and I think I managed to find the right bits to pull it off. Although I may rebase him at some point!

Finally I have also managed to take a big step forwards personally with managing to start applying transfers to my models. Particularly my tactical squads and characters, this seemed to take quite a large portion of time to learn and then implement but I was really happy with the results, again just some purity seal to finish them off!

Overall not a bad year for the Iron Hands, I think I have them at a point now where I can comfortably game with them and add to them gradually, I do also feel my painting has improved a lot since I started the legion and further still since I started with the blog, so I'll be looking to keep improving in my new endeavors!

So there we have it, unfortunately I am writing this quite late at night so not great pictures, but I am hoping to get a new phone in the new year for some improvement at least. I am still working on models and have completed others for other game systems which have also taken up a lot of painting time particularly over the last few months. However, I am looking to continue with and start with some new projects for 2017 but i'll reveal those in december!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. Having played with AND alongside your army, I have to say it looks tremendous. It also plays just like I imagine the IH - slow and hard hitting. The transition between flesh and metal on Ferrus is probably the best I have seen.

    Looking forward to next year's projects and beyond :)

    1. Thanks mate! Yeah the army is slow haha, but I'd say it's done pretty well so far. Ive still got units to add to it but I think I can complete units for them in between the new projects!

  2. Can't wait to see your Blood Bowl team.
    My favourites of yours are Orth and Kaane. I can't remember, did Orth also have the on foot option?

    Been a great year for the X Legion. You have got so much done.

    1. Yeah will be starting on the team soon! It is a project I need to complete in the future but I have a marine that looks very similar just with out the mace, so I've just been using him,

  3. You still have time to hit the transfers on the tanks! I have to say the IH look great. Good luck on the progress next year, can't wait to see what the plan is!

    1. Haha there is still time you're right! Although I need to complete some other projects first before I try and fit it in. Thanks, I'll hopefully have an even more productive year

  4. That's no small feat for a years progress, looking really nice.

    1. Thanks Mark, as with any hobbyist I have had my distractions. So looking to be a bit more organised going forwards!