Thursday, 1 December 2016

Castiel Druas; Review of 2016 and 2017 preview the Dark Angels

Good evening all

This a quick look at my Dark Angels progress so far and what i hope to achieve in 2017.

2016 started really well for me hobby wise as over the first few months i managed to complete most of my current force. Since the spring real life has made a big dent in my hobby time and progress has been somewhat on the slow side.

Having only got back into the hobby towards the end of 2015 I am really happy with where I am at with the 1st legion. My force is basic and a good start until they release some legion specific units to make up the rest of my army.

Castiels Dark Angels so far.

Chapter master Castiel Druas
Legion Praetor Elegeir Calcus
5 x cataphractii terminators
1 x contemptor dreadnought
20 x tactical marines
15 x tactical support marines
10 x heavy support marines
10 x despoilers

Looking ahead to next year I have 3 predator tanks to finish which i have been working on for far too long and a storm eagle waiting to be painted. After these are complete I will be putting the Dark Angels on the shelf until they get some unique units and the lion as I have another project to get started on but more on that later this month.

I have really enjoyed my first full year as a Battle Bunny and sharing my progress with you all and I hope 2017 will be even better.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Loved seeing these DA grow, not a common Legion, I can only guess because they have a bigger 40k presence than some?

  2. I do love your Praetor. Such a cool character.

    I do hope 2017 brings you the Lion and Angelicus.

  3. A man after my own heart. I may steal your praetor idea. How do you run him in games?

  4. You have such an awesome core force :)

    Can't wait what you will do with the different wings (you totally need more Dreadwing! :D).

  5. These guys look awesome! Will be great when the lion and legion specific units land!

  6. Great army! Fantastic progress. I developed some real love for DAs after I read Angels of Caliban!

  7. Great start! You have more painted minis in a year than a lot of guys have in a 20 years. Kudos to you!