Friday, 2 December 2016

Hector Cephas - Non-legion projects

Hi everyone,

Much like Castiel, I'm going to write about some projects that are in progress and what is to come in 2017.  For this post, I will cover some of my non-legion projects for Horus Heresy - my Imperial Fists deserve their own post!

Legio Custodes (Talons of the Emperor)

As you are probably all aware, I have got my hands on a few Custodes sprues and have built 20 of them all in all. My plan for this army is pretty simple - build an allied detachment of Custodes to play alongside my Imperial Fists for the Siege of Terra (hence needing about 20 as opposed to just a one sprue of 5 for a small warband attached to the legion for whatever reason).

I plan to have these painted up by the end of January so this will be the first project I'll be taking on next year. I do not intend to expand any further on this army as it is only really intended to be a small force.

Questoris Knights

Ever since the plastic knights were released for 40k, I've wanted a knight household army - I just love the different backgrounds behind the different houses. I have some already, just haven't done anything with them yet - I even have a Knight Castigator! I hope to at the very least make a start on these mid to late 2017.


This is very much an on-going project - I have plenty of buildings and fortifications that are unfinished, a realm of battle board that is base coated and plenty of spares and cool ideas for more stuff for my board. I've got most of the chassis of a Baneblade, I wonder what I could do with that... and a land speeder, it would look cool if I had a crashed one on the board... etc etc.

All in all, plenty to work with and a lot for you all to look forward to during 2017.

Until next time!

Hector Cephas


  1. Awesome :)

    I still have two knights households (Vyronii and Malinax) aswell as Sisters planned - but I'll wait for a propper army list and models (as sisters are my dream army ^.^)!

    1. Are you posting your awesome other models? Makabius knight versus Magnus for example?

    2. Once big M is finished - of course!!

  2. Great news, will you be adding extras to the custodes?

    Knights are cool, and it's good to see some (more) on be blog. I have Makabuis underway and Vyronii planned.

    1. I may add the grav tank at some point but my intention was always to just have them as an allied detachment so this force will not get much bigger but you never know. I don't think they should be fielded as their own force unless they're at the palace or otherwise with fighting alongside the Emperor.

  3. My non legion project will focus on the Knights Errant. I really want to play through campaigns based on Garro audio books and create a full Errant force to show up randomly during other bunnies Horus Heresy campaigns to enlist someone new!