Saturday, 3 December 2016

3rd Legion - The Emperor's Children

Hello Bunnies!

For the month of December we are working through the Legions that we are planning on working on. The idea is to give you all an update as to where we are with each legion and what we plan to do when we get around to working on them. So on the 3rd we bring you an update on the 3rd Legion The Emperors Children.

Where I am: 

Not very far! As you can see I own the models but not started working on them yet, they currently sit in large cardboard box! Work will be beginning within the next 2 months. The last thing I need buy is the Power Spears, thankfully the are now available! 

Whats the plan:
The legion will be fully based within the Great Crusade and usable up until Isstvan 5, after that they don't appeal to me as they go a bit to crazy!

My plan is to base them around a small expeditionary force lead by Darien Vasco. It will be a pathfinder style force consisting of a company of marines and support elements. The will operate ahead of the bulk of the legion and undertake small compliances. This will allow me to create some unique campaigns for them to play, plus have the bulk of the legion follow up behind if needed if I want to use some different characters or Fulgrim. I would really like to follow Darien Vasco through his whole great crusade and tell his story through various campaigns to find out what his ultimate fate is! I will also make use of the legion within other better known campaigns.

3000 point list plan:
Preator (Darien Vasco)
10 Tacticals in Rhino
10 Tacticals in Rhino
20 Tacticals on Foot
10 Palatine blades
10 phoenix guard
4 Jetbikes
3 Javelins

These are the characters that I will painting/creating to support various campaigns or because they are cool!
Darien Vasco
Saul Travitz

I may also do some of these guys if needed:
Solomon Demeter
Julius Kaesoron

2 options for this, I will be trying:
Iron hands steel base, Runefang steel highlight, nuln oil wash, 2 coats of Eidolon clear purple.

Second option:
The 2 forgeworld purples, nuln oil in the recesses.

What do you want to see?
What campaigns would you like to see the 3rd in?
What other characters would you like to see?

Happy hobby!



  1. Look forward to more of these articles.
    What about Rylanor?

    1. I will most likely do Rylanor for isstvan 3!

  2. You can also straight up make pots of purple metallics with the artificer tints, now.

    1. I bought the tints and tbh I'm not that convinced about these (especially at the price tag - and you can only get them all at once atm). At the end of the day, I still would do the classic metal layer > metal highlight > purple clear method for metallic paintjobs.

  3. Replies
    1. I will most likely be going with either one or 2 paragon blades, make him a bit of a blade master I think! Otherwise the usual bells and whistles!

  4. Check out how Spartan games painted the covenant wraith tank, it's a pretty good way of painting a striking purple scheme.

    1. Do you by any chance have a link? I think I have found the 1 you mean, but want to make sure! It does look good!

  5. I'm always tempted by the III (appropriately:p). Can't wait to see how they turn out, you could have them as a loyalist shattered Legion post Istavaan.

    1. This has crossed my mind! I will see how the story for them progresses, I have a few ideas in mind!

  6. I'd love to see Tarvitz! One of my all time HH Characters from the nice series! I'd really enjoy seeing the IIIrd legion purge on Istavaan. I am a real fan of the IIIrd up until Fulgrim's corruption. I love how noble Tarvitz was! His accomplished goals as a line officer and tragic demise of the loyalists.

  7. Any chance you think forge world will do a model for Lucius of the Emperor's Children? Now that we have the 13th grand company ROW, he was in charge of it... they have so many other models to do for the other Legions that I think if they made Lucius, it might be a while. Thoughts?