Saturday, 17 December 2016

17th Legion - Word Bearers

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today we have the 17th - perfect date to talk about the XVIIth Legion!

I started them this January and managed to complete ~2900 points!

- High Chaplain Erebus
195 points
- Kor Phaeron
155 points
- Zardu Layak and 2 Bladeslaves
275 points

- Chaplain
145 points
- Terminator Librarian
275 points

- 10 Breachers
335 points
- 15 Tactical Marines
260 points
- 5 Tactical Marines with plasma guns
220 points

- Contemptor Dreadnought
220 points
- 5 Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren
235 points
- Mhara Ghal Tainted Dreadnought
305 points

Lord of War:
- Lorgar
375 points

I'm actually quite happy with the force for now, which means I can put them on my shelf and start to focuse on my Thousand Sons once I get my hands on Inferno. That said, I still have a few small units to complete:

- 5 Cataphractii Terminators, Kor Phaerons Command Squad
- 5 more Gal Vorbak
- 5 Ashen Circle
- 5 Heavy Support Marines with Missile Launchers

After that, I also have to finish a few more cultists to use as an allied detachment or as Army of the Dark Compliance! And maybe some tanks or fliers in the far future - not sure yet.

You can see single posts and pictures for my finished Word Bearers here:

Hope you enjoyed my little progress report - for the Primordial Truth!

Lady Atia


For Maeglin:


  1. Great looking stuff Lady A, really dislike that Erebus scumbag... lol

    1. Hehe thanks :D


      Maybe that's why he stands next to some lowly cultists :D? No one likes poor Erebus lol^^

  2. They look great!! An impressive force to have amassed in the year! :D

  3. Ooh I don't think I've seen your Terminator Librarian before. Looks pretty good from what I can see, defiantly a model I'd like to get my hands on.

    1. Well isn't he just the perfect Bearer of the Word ;P

  4. Love the army Atia, as I may have mentioned once or twice.

  5. Geeze!! Talk about an arch heretic! ;-P

    Seriously impressed, that is quite a force for under a year! I really like your Gal Vorbak!!!!

    I have a question about what putty you use for your conversions... I've tried Army Painter, Citadel Greenstuff and no name middling putty from a hobby car shop. Is there a secret.... I can only do basics because either the putty sticks to everything including sculpting tools or the putty is too dense and I can't get it to bind to resin of plastic.


    Much appreciated!! I hope there are some campaigns with your army!! Love to see how they make out! I don't know too too much about Lorgar... more of a Russ and Khan kind of guy!

    Thanks Lady Atia ( koo name? Random? Italian from the Julelia Ancient Roman artistocratic family? Curious)

    1. Hey and thanks =)

      I'm using a 1:1 mix of milliput and green stuff :)

      And yeah, maybe once Kaelo's smurfs are finished :P

      Also yep - it's from Atia Balba Caesonia ^^

  6. Smurfs! I get it!

    Kk that's awesome! Did not mean to be noisy.

    Perfect, I'm going to try that mix! Thanks for the advice