Wednesday, 7 December 2016

7th Legion - Imperial Fists

Hi all,

Todays post is about the Imperial Fists. This is my first legion, most certainly not the last but I do have huge plans for this legion before I move onto my next legion project.

Since I started writing for the Bunnies, I've shown you all a few of my squads and how I use them in-game - namely, my legion breachers and my assault marines. To give you an idea of what I have completed and will show you all in due course, along side any new units I add to my legion, here's a list of what I have completed (though not exhaustive!):
  • 1x Alexis Polux
  • 1x Sigismund
  • 2x 15 man tactical squads
  • 2x 20 man siege breacher squads
  • 1x 20 man assault squad
  • 1x 10 man templar brethren squad
  • 1x 10 man cataphractii terminator squad (shooting config)
  • 1x 10 man cataphractii terminator squad (thunder hammer/storm shield)
  • 1x 10 man heavy support squad (missile launchers)
  • 3x Legion Quad Launchers
  • 2x MkIIB Land Raiders
  • 1x Spartan
  • 2x Rhino APCs
  • 3x Vindicator Siege Tanks
  • 1x Fire Raptor
  • 1x Legion Falchion

I'll get around to posting more about some of these in the next few months as they're lovely models that I'd like to share plus I like to also discuss the tactical application of such squads and how they fit in my armies. I also have a whole bunch of character models as I love converting characters - these guys may feature in future campaigns!

I originally started with the Siege of Terra in mind with my list; initially I focused on my Legion Breachers with some Cataphractii Terminators and the MkIIB Land Raiders that I had already bought for 40k and then it just evolved from there. I have talked about the flexibility of the legion itself - the combination of legion special units and rules allow for so many different styles of army - that I want to be able to play them all!

There are also some units that I really want to do for my legion:
  • Legion Xiphon-pattern Interceptor - I love the model and I feel my Fire Raptor could do with an escort
  • Rogal Dorn... - Naturally. My legion would not be complete without him. I have seen some nice conversions but I am hoping that Forge World will release him in 2017!
  • ...and Aetos Dios - I've always wanted a Thunderhawk Gunship, it would be rude not to get one!
  • More tactical marines! - Surprisingly lacking in this department though a Calth/Prospero box would sort me out there
  • Tactical support marines - Got none so far, would be nice to have some especially as I have magnetised my Breachers special weapon options
  • Tartaros terminators - I love the kits but just haven't got around to these guys yet, I really want to do a templar-style colour scheme for them too as I think that would look ace

Plenty to do - my hobby sure does keep me busy! What do you guys think?

Until next time!

Hector Cephas


  1. Definitely an awesome sized force as it stands!
    I agree. You can never have enough Tactical Legionaires. I'm looking forward to seeing your Dorn when he comes out. Bet you are as excited as the XXth Legion in the Great Crusade lol.
    Like your Black and yellow Legionaires too. Can't wait to give you a game.

  2. The Fists are what I'm trying to focus on (but you know distractions) so it's great to see a more or less complete force.
    I did recently read something on B&C that Imperial Fists cannot take Tartaros armour which I found odd.

    1. They can, don't need to worry about that. The point of contention is whether they can take stormshields or not - apparently FW most recently said it's fine but I'd still wait for an FAQ update for them. I'm planning on making some anyway as I think it would look cool but I'm happy to do a "counts as" if it comes down to it. :)

    2. Ah my mistake, I'm working on some Indomitus kitbashes so it wasn't a problem for me but didn't want anybody caught out.

  3. Awesome! They look great! Can't wait to campaign with or against them!

  4. That zone mortalis game looks familiar ;)

  5. Sound like your nearly done. Will be good seeing a few more infantry. Are you tempted by more heavy weapons? Being the Terran Legion, they probably have really good access to all the goodies!