Tuesday, 6 December 2016

6th Legion - Vlka Fenryka

Hello again. 

Vlka Fenryka have and will forever be my favourite Legion. It is also the last outstanding thing on my bucket list. So this 2017 will be a good year for me and the Rout. 

I want to amass and paint a sizeable force which will suitably represent the forces of the VI Legion taking the battle to the Thousand Sons in the Inferno Campaign. 
This is what I am aiming for:
19 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; nuncio-vox; legion vexilla; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; combi-weapon; power fist) 320
19 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; nuncio-vox; legion vexilla; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; combi-weapon; power weapon) 315
19 Assault Space Marines: 4× power weapon; + 1 Assault Sergeant (artificer armour; pair of lightning claws; melta bombs) 380
19 Breacher Space Marines: 2× flamer; 2× meltagun; nuncio-vox; legion vexilla; + 1 Breacher Sergeant (artificer armour; combi-weapon; thunder hammer; breaching charge) 475
4 Tactical Support Marines: combat blades; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (artificer armour; melta bombs) 125
4 Tactical Support Marines: plasma guns; combat blades; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant 185
4 Tactical Support Marines: meltaguns; combat blades; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (artificer armour) 195
4 Tactical Support Marines: rotor cannons; combat blades; + 1 Tactical Support Sergeant (artificer armour) 120

4 Destroyers: missile launcher; melta bombs; + 1 Destroyer Sergeant (artificer armour; thunder hammer; 3× phosphex bomb) 260
4 Terminators: Terminator armour (Tartaros); 3× combi-weapon; reaper autocannon; + 1 Terminator Sergeant (combi-weapon; thunder hammer; grenade harness) 238
4 Terminators: Terminator armour (Tartaros); 4× pair of lightning claws; + 1 Terminator Sergeant (pair of lightning claws; grenade harness) 260
• Land Raider Phobos: hunter-killer missile; extra armour; armoured ceramite; multi-melta 270
Dreadnought Talon
• Dreadnought: twin-linked autocannon; twin-linked autocannon; extra armour 150
• Dreadnought: plasma cannon; dreadnought close combat weapon (heavy flamer) 145
Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
• Contemptor Dreadnought: Kheres pattern assault cannon; dreadnought close combat weapon (meltagun); extra armour 210
• Contemptor Dreadnought: dreadnought close combat weapon (meltagun); dreadnought close combat weapon (meltagun); extra armour; havoc launcher 225
• Contemptor Dreadnought: multi-melta; dreadnought close combat weapon (meltagun); extra armour; havoc launcher 210

Xiphon Pattern Interceptor: ground-tracking auguries; chaff launcher; armoured cockpit 225
Xiphon Pattern Interceptor: ground-tracking auguries; chaff launcher; armoured cockpit 225
3 Outriders: Space Marine bikes (twin-linked meltaguns); Outrider Sergeant (power weapon; melta bombs) 195
3 Outriders: Outrider Sergeant (power weapon; melta bombs) 120

9 Heavy Support Marines: hardened armour; + 1 Heavy Support Sergeant (artificer armour; augury scanner; melta bombs) 280
4 Heavy Support Marines: multi-meltas; hardened armour; + 1 Heavy Support Sergeant (augury scanner; melta bombs) 220
4 Heavy Support Marines: missile launchers; hardened armour; + 1 Heavy Support Sergeant (augury scanner; melta bombs) 195
4 Heavy Support Marines: plasma cannons; hardened armour; + 1 Heavy Support Sergeant (augury scanner; melta bombs) 245
4 Heavy Support Marines: autocannons; hardened armour; + 1 Heavy Support Sergeant (augury scanner; melta bombs) 195
4 Heavy Support Marines: lascannons; hardened armour; + 1 Heavy Support Sergeant (augury scanner; melta bombs) 270
Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought Talon
• Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought: Leviathan storm cannon; armoured ceramite; phosphex discharger 315
Vindicator Siege Tank Squadron
• Vindicator: hunter-killer missile; extra armour; armoured ceramite; dozer blade 155
• Vindicator: hunter-killer missile; extra armour; armoured ceramite; dozer blade 155
• Vindicator: hunter-killer missile; extra armour; armoured ceramite; dozer blade 155
Caestus Assault Ram: 2 missile launchers; frag assault launchers; auxiliary drive 335
Spartan Assault Tank: twin-linked heavy flamer; hunter-killer missile; armoured ceramite; flare shield; multi-melta; frag assault launchers 400
Whirlwind Scorpius: extra armour 120
Malcador Assault Tank Squadron
• Malcador Assault Tank: Demolisher cannon; lascannon sponsons; flare shield 360
Sicaran Battle Tank: hunter-killer missile; lascannon sponsons 210
Predator Strike Squadron
• Predator: lascannon sponsons 115
• Predator: heavy flamer sponsons; hunter-killer missile 100
• Predator: heavy bolter sponsons; hunter-killer missile 100

Fellblade Super-heavy Tank: hunter-killer missile; amoured ceramite; multi-melta; Space Marine Legion Crew 585
Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport: 4× hunter-killer missile; Super-heavy Command Tank 740
Thunderhawk Gunship: chaff launcher; armoured cockpit; flare shield 760

10,858 points

Obviously Russ and other characters will be added to the list above. 

A) Lord Gunn will not be in Inferno, so I will be trying to get all information together to create a model and useable data card for him. 
B) I will attempt to sculpt some decent looking Knotwork masks as shown in Prospero Burns. 

Painting guide:

We are aiming for several Campaigns with the Rout this coming year. Prospero is obviously one of them, this will be the target Campaign which should help subsequent Campaigns fall into place for this Legion as well as the Sons of Horus, Custodes and Sisters of Silence. 

Well. Leman should be finished before Xmas, then I need to spend some time getting a pair of Legio Mortis Warhounds done, before turning my gaze fully on the VIth Legion. 

Can't wait for 2017. 

Drake Seta


  1. Have you ever looked at liberdaemonicashop for their helmets?

    1. Oooh. I like them. First time I have seen them to be honest. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely consider them. Cheers.
      I have added a pic of a knot work mask from the HH series too to show you what the leather masks look like.

    2. A good base for you would to check out Chaos Maurarder Horsemen..... AoS...

      They have a bunch of leather helmeted heads

    3. Scotty just wanted to thank you for pointing out that material. While I will use the viking stuff for the small zone mortalis VI Legion force im doing. it is the vampire upgrade bits that I have just ordered for my VIII Legion I love the most.

  2. Geeze all bases covered!! This is a Legion! You'll have enough points and models to take on everything! But I don't envy you, that will be a lot of Pack Markings and Rune etching..... Not to mention the hardest part about your legion once finished is deciding what to take to battle..... But I do envy you on getting lost in all that work making and preparing your lists for your campaign...... If you do a 10k points game please post every detail! This will be extremely inspiring, I haven't yet committed to HH100% yet but seeing the progress reports will definitely get me into gear. Really looking forward to seeing the Mastadon and Thunderhawk..... Would you consider some Storm Eagle..... Let's say at least 2 so transport and deploy 2 of your loaded out tax squads? You have ALOT of firepower here so I don't see you have any problems in the armoured department.... It could be me, each lord of the Rout has there own style..... And this could be why attrition is so high in my 40k battles and campaigns.... My current Company is Ragnar Blackmanes and I love dropping in from reserves doing those risky scatter rolls and zooming around my storm wolf dropping off warriors.... Personal I want to get up and into combat as fast as possible and that is what is very alluring for me personally...

    I enjoy the Storm Eagle in theory, high troop capacity,moray weapons, okay HP and appealing for my modest budget, 90pounds is amazing for such a kit. I think I would enjoy it.

    The VIth is also very close to me, I absolutely adore every aspect of fluff and lore.Again I don't have any experience fighting in the crusade so I don't know how long they would last. I would forgo the points in armour to take pics and aircraft, shortening the distance as fast as possible utilizing javelin speeders, outriders and scimitars for harassing.

    Man your Leman Russ looks stunning so far.... For Heleinger will you use source lighting and a frosty effect or keep the legendary frost axe metallic? Same question for Mjalnar


    1. Helwinter.... Not Heleigner sorry

    2. I do apologize for the horrific spelling....... Using my phone at work.

    3. Hi Zak.
      Yeah a Storm Eagle would be nice eventually, but it won't be a priority just yet (with the other transports).
      I will be waiting until a plastic Thunderhawk comes out too.

      Yeah I am ready for everything. Trying to keep the tech level down for them (so not planning on Javelins and Scimitars yet unless I read otherwise in Inferno). Mainly aiming for traditional weapons like Melta, Missiles and Plasma too.

      Thanks. I have purposefully made him reddy blonde as apparently his hair was blonde but looked as though it was constantly stained with blood.

      Not sure what I will do regarding the axe and sword yet. I will look at the front cover of Prospero Burns, Wolf King and Primarchs: Leman Russ, for inspiration.

      Cheers for the comments.

    4. Wait wait wait...... plastic Thinderhawk???? :-p means it's in the works?

    5. Inferno is going to be crazy.... I've been waiting for this since HH started.... I can't wait to see the writers fluff and characters. But I really can't wait to see how they formed the legion, legion traits/tactics and the forces that were on Prospero.... I'd love to create some Dreadnought Talons, I have some ideas..... wondering if the legion will get a Contemptor chassis.

    6. We heard something about a plastic Warhound and plastic Thunderhawk from a Citadel designer at Warhammer Fest. They are capable to do it with the mould technology now too.

    7. Hi

      That is mind blowing.... I just thought people were wish thinking... I was wrong, this is going to be an amazing couple of years

  3. In interested to see what happens to this list when inferno drops, but I expect things to be added not dropped. I wonder if they may get Russ tanks...

    Have you considered a shadow sword as part of the keeping the tech level down?

    No volkites? We have the great photo of the cataphractii with them.

    Looks like a good start to the legion.

  4. Completely why o ask the experts, I cannot wait to see what kind of forces. I appreciate the low tech! Like you said it's going to be an awesome year.

    I sent a couple of my starting son your Battle a Bunnies Facebook. I cannot wit to read

  5. I was hoping Lord Gunn would get a model but interested to see your take on him

    1. Hail Bulveye. He isn't going to be in Inferno sadly (been trying my hardest :( ). "He may appear later" which to me means Alexes at least (years away if at all). But there is also talk that GW wants to hurry FW up with the Black Books and get to Terra soon. If Angelicus is released next year there could be an actual push to get there before GW gets there on the 40k "end times" story path. The soonest they could do it is book 10 (Angelicus, [Mars], [Siege of Terra]. That would present all Legions (at least once) before the final book. Ideally them adding multiple additional characters at each step would be the ideal if they are going to do this (Retribution was thankfully character heavy ).

      I don't want them to do this as I love the HH series and I hope they spread it over at least 12-20 books.

    2. I also hope this is not the case, I don't want to see FW rushed, the quality of the writing and the way the rules are presented... the formats of the books are incredible. I hope this isn't the case. I would like to see this continue... I hope GW will lump the brakes.... it's hard trying to keep up, that is what makes FW so much more appealing the older I get. I want to build an army, fluff it up, take my time, paint and play..... I like the HH, I like the slow and steady pace (of the Black Book releases). I love getting the novels and piecing together this conflict... for me personally outside of the Star Wars Universe this GrimDark is the richest universe with really endless possibilities.

  6. If they aren't planing on doing another book with the rout, than I hope we get some awesome characters in book 7

    I think FW will do at least 12 books for the HH series

    1. Ahh I hope The Rout will make more appearances. Who knows though, they could be saving a lot of Fenrisian Sagas for The Scouring.....

  7. So maybe I am being foolish. Who is Lord Gunn? I missed a few SW amd TS related books. If someone could please explain for me please.

  8. Hey James!

    You've got to read The Wolfking, it was a limited release last year from the Blacklibrary, but now I believe Blacklibrary he released it again.... it's a novella and the setting takes place in the Alaxxis Nebula (please correct me if I am wrong) when the VIth are patching themselves up from their victory are Prospero: a bittersweet victory. Lord Gunn or Gunnar Gunnhilt was the VIth Legion 1st Captain and defacto leader of The Rout in Leman Russ's absences: he was Leman's right hand and second in command. Lord Gunn (now I'll feel like such an ass if I got this wrong... and I apologize.... ) or Gunnar ( I hope ;-P) led theVIth legions void actions during the Alaxxis conflict with the XXth..

    Dude.... read the novella, I'm not saying another word. Chris Wraight knows the Wolves so well, really writes them amazingly. While your at it I'd you haven't had the pleasure, Scars and The Path to Heaven are amazing as well.

    Again if I messed up Lord Gunn (1st Captain Gunnar Gunnhilt) I apologize

  9. What a plan! Love it all! Can't wait to play a 10k VF vs SoH!