Tuesday, 6 December 2016

5th Legion - White Scars

Сайн уу Bunnies!

Tonight I wanted to discuss the White Scars briefly. Although I will not be starting these for a long while, I really wanted to talk about them today as part of of Xmas legion countdown. 

The 5th legion have been my second favourite legion (behind the mighty 13th) for as long as I can remember. I really like the route that Chris Wraight has taken them, starting with Brotherhood of the Storm, passing brilliantly through Scars and bringing us up to date with Path of Heaven. The legion has really developed a unique flavour that comes across in each character introduced - to me they all feel like they are unique in themselves too. 

So, the White Scars will be a labour of love project - even more so than my Ultramarines who are fundamentally a bog standard legion (check back on the 13th to hear my plans for my UMs). I would really want each model to feel different to the rest; different markings, ritual scars, totems and also adding pelts and tails etc. 

The legion is renowned for being difficult to contact, re-enforce and resupply or even know where they are. To this end I really want my legion to be operating in predominantly MKII armour as this would have been the main armour issued (it also matches their upgrade pack - hint, hint!!) - this is the main reason I have delayed starting them as it becomes more and more obvious MKII plastics must be in the way!!

The White Scars are also renowned for using a lot of jetbikes. Tying in with what I have said above - I want the legion to be MKII and currently there is no Crusade armour riders for the jetbikes (after speaking with the designers I have a feeling that this will change in the future) and so alas, the legion will be a long time coming I feel 😞

Here is a look at a brief overview of what my army will entail (RoW pending):

Khan of some kind

10 Tactical Despoilers
10 Tactical Despoilers
10 Assault Marines

Veteran Squad
Legion specific unit??

Fast Attack
Well, I will probably do 2 x 10 man jetbikes squad and 3 Javelins but I have a feeling their will be a legion Specific unit here so that will replace one.

Heavy Support
10 Jetbikes
Heavy Weapon team with Missile Launchers or Lascannons
Whirlwind or Sicaran

Lord of War
Jaghatai Khan

I think this will be a fun army to play with and against, it's nice and fast but not too punchy. It will try to get up close and personal quickly so we can laugh as we kill.

I hope that you like my list. Please comment below any changes or suggestions (fluffy please, not face punchy lol).

Until next time - Stay fluffy!



  1. Love the direction you're going in for list building. Considering their fondness of speeders would it make sense to mix in the javelins for heavy support or whatever roll they fill? (I forget). And I'd bet my left nut that they'll have some rule or character that will allow them to take jet bikes as troop choices as well

    1. Agreed, I have put in Javelins in my Fast Attack section. :)

      I think they will get to take them as troops...will have to see :)

  2. Wait, no bikes? I'm pretty sure white scars will get some wheeled bikes and an attack bike at some point.

  3. I hate basic mkii armor, but these guys make me want to do a force of them.
    Really started loving these guys after reading the stories they have out so far.
    Can't wait to see their special units!

  4. I absolutely love the Vth and the VIth....... I've only ever played the Space Wolves with tiny allied detachments (recently).... I haven't taken the plunge yet into the Heresy... I could not agree more with how you plan on building your legion. I will be doing the same as soon.

    Assault troops are expensive! I love the idea of the Despiler squads in maybe a Storm Eagle for transport and some anti infantry firepower? Will be a expensive list! 3000pts I reckon? At least the VIth we have some upgrade, Plastic MkIII and Leman Russ! My opinion (completely biased) is the main deal for Primarchs but the Khan is a close second to my heart! Chris Wraight has done amazing work for both our legions! I sure as heck hope for legion specific units.... I'm sure weapon upgrades.... I mean the traitor legions have a whack load of specifics as well as weapon upgrades. It's a great time for collecting.

    1. Show us some of your progress when you get started! Add me on Facebook, email me @ Kaelorylanus@gmail.com. Or contact the battle bunny Facebook page :)

  5. Javelins are a must! Super fast! Wouldn't be White Scars without loads of Scimitar jet-Bikes! Brotherhood of the Storm had some amazing scenes! Even in Scars there were some awesome references to the jet bike training and courses on orbital platforms above Chogoris or by the Imperial name Mandus Planus. They have to do Talwar and polearms for the VTh because part of indoctrination was perfecting the art of the Talwar or polearm... I believe they chose on the day of indoctrination when all aspirants... Terrans and Chogorans chose a Khogan name for themselves and desired weapon..... warrior poets! And they definitely need terminator models for The Keshig!!! I'm all the way in Canada and on a military salary so I have yet to have been able to make a HH weekender but O do hope you ask in January if The Keshig are in the works

  6. PLEASE!!! On my behalf if you do go to the Weekender please ask of weapon upgrades and The Keshig are on the way! A Canadian thanks you!!

  7. I'm planning on painting up the Legions Praetor along with a unit of Tartaros as Scars but like you I think the rest of the Legions will be a long time coming! Mine will probably just be the Keshig, a Storm Eagle and a couple of units of Jet bikes. Should just be a fun army for small games and as a allied detachment for the Imperial Fists ala The Siege...

  8. have none of you seen the white scars rules...?