Monday, 5 December 2016

Burning of Prospero Display (Pic heavy)

Hello Bunnies!

I was up at Warhammer World on Sunday and I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to see the full Burning of Prospero display board that was previewed recently.

I was really impressed! It looks awesome and has had some additional models added to it to fill it up a bit more. There are even 2 models that have only been previewed added. The new custodes skimmer and contemptor. 

It full of lots of awesome little details. I love Russ and his wolves storming the bridge and the Leviathan ripping the contemptor apart. The buildings and scenery are fantastic as well. 

Well worth going to take a look at! I was very impressed and it is one of my favourite dioramas that GW have added to the miniature hall. I look forward to seeing redone with the dual between Magnus and Russ in the near future! 

The miniature hall has had quite a lot of changes recently, so if its been a while since you last went round it is now well worth having another look! 



  1. Looks good. The custodes dread looks great!

    Nice to see a Vlka vindicator in the scene now. Just need Magnus and it's set!

  2. Custodes dread looks cool, hope sisters of silence get some stuff soon though.

  3. That Dread is gorgeous! What the Dreadknight should have looked like (different concept I know but still).

  4. I love the Dread battle on the bridge. I've been working on building a dramatic base like the primarchs for my Leviathan which has a number of terminators dead at his feet and one being pulped into a rock with its chain fist. Only problem I'm having is making it look realistic enough.

  5. Now that we have the contemptor we need to see a diorama from Master of Mankind- the battle with the deamons and Audax Reavers breaching the walls of the city.

  6. Thanks for sharing!! Damn I love this!!!

  7. I didn't realise how massive that was from the GW photos - these are great, thanks! (Also didn't realise just how massive that Leviathan is).