Saturday, 31 December 2016

Battle Bunnies in 2016

Hi all. 
Hope you have a happy new year. 

I have asked the Bunnies what they have got done in 2016 and what they feel their highlights were. Here is their responses:

Darien's year in painting: 

Sons of Horus:
11 Justaerin 
20 Reavers
2 contemptors 
1 dreadclaw
2 vindicators 
Spartan Assualt tank 
Sicaran venator 
Mk2B land raider
Horus the Warmaster

7 boys
1 nob
2 Trukks 

20 Dryads

Highlights of the year:
1 - completing so much! My most productive year of hobby! 
2 - Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls and campaign weekend were great fun! 
3 - Coming third with my orks at The Bastion Gaming Clubs tournament 
4 - All the awesome people that I have meet and the great games that I have had with them! 
5 - First full year as a Bunny and the great time we have all had together!

Lady Atia:
Word Bearers: 2995 points

- High Chaplain Erebus
195 points
- Kor Phaeron
155 points
- Zardu Layak and 2 Bladeslaves
275 points

- Chaplain
145 points
- Terminator Librarian
275 points

- 10 Breachers
335 points
- 15 Tactical Marines
260 points
- 5 Tactical Marines with plasma guns
220 points

- Contemptor Dreadnought
220 points
- 5 Gal Vorbak Dark Brethren
235 points
- Mhara Ghal Tainted Dreadnought
305 points

Lord of War:
- Lorgar
375 points

Warp Cults 90 points

Imperialis Militia Grenadier Squad
9x Grenadiers, Sergeant, Flamer
90 pts

Chaos Daemons 1441 points

The Changeling
75 pts

Lords of War:
Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne
700 pts

666 pts

4536 pts! Well done!

Kaelo has been busy across systems this year and has managed to finish 2 armies! He is majority impressed with himself lol.

His Raven Guard completed are listed below:

Praetor with jump pack

10 man Veteran Squad
1 Contemptor Dreadnought
5 Mor Deythan with Combi Weapons

10 man Tactical Squad
10 man Tactical Squad
5 man Tacical Support Squad with Melta Guns and a drop pod

Fast Attack:
10 Dark Furies

Heavy Support:
Whirlwind Scorpius

Lord of War:
Corvus Corax

This is a total of around 2300 pts

He has also completed a 1000pt Stormcast Eternal Stormhost:

1 Errant Questor
1 Venator
5 Liberators with sword and shield
5 Liberators with sword and shield
5 Liberators with sword and shield
5 Judicators with bows
5 Protectors with 2 Starsoul Maces
3 Prosecutors with Javelins

Aveinus Kaane:
Aveinus mainly focused on his first legion the Iron Hands. They are like most people's armies always a work in progress, but here's a list of the units he's completed for them this year:

- Castrman Orth
- Aveinus Kaane
- The heavy conversion Beamer predator
- Plasma gun tactical support squad
- Transfers throughout the Iron Hands (Not an actual unit obviously but worth a mention)
- Lascannon contemptor dreadnought
- Cataphractii Terminator Squad

However like any hobbyist Aveinus has not just been involved in one game system and couldn't resist buying some of the new Ironjawz models. The back quarter of 2016 was dominated by these green skins and he managed to almost complete a 1000pts. Just the pesky gore gruntas and battle damage to finish off. 

- Megaboss
- Warchanta
- 10 brutes 
- 10 Ardboyz 
- 3 Gore Gruntas

He's also been tempted into blood bowl, with the blog planning a league for everyone to play in, he's started a team of orcs! They are however still a current work in progress!

Drake Seta:
I have had a damn crap year to be fair. 2016 can eat a d%#k. I really hope that 2017 is how good I expected 2016 to be. I have had sooo little hobby time with moves, court and work. But all is looking bright for me now. 

I have managed to finish the following things this year:

Death Guard:
Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
• Contemptor Dreadnought: multi-melta; dreadnought close combat weapon (heavy flamer); extra armour 190
• Contemptor Dreadnought: plasma cannon; dreadnought close combat weapon (meltagun); extra armour 205

4 Heavy Support Marines: plasma cannons; hardened armour; + 1 Heavy Support Sergeant (artificer armour; augury scanner) 250

Battle Captain Nathaniel Garro 165

810 points

Vlka Fenryka:
Geigor Fell-Hand (Praetor): charnabal sabre; lightning claw (master-crafted); bolter; melta bombs; iron halo 177

9 Tactical Space Marines: chainswords; + 1 Tactical Sergeant (artificer armour; chainsword; melta bombs) 160

9 Veteran Space Marines: plasma gun; heavy bolter and suspensor web; + 1 Veteran Sergeant (plasma pistol; power fist; artificer armour); Xenobane 235

572 points

Legio Mortis:
Warlord Titan - Bone Garland 

2850 points

3 Ursarax 175
3 Vorax Class Battle-automata: irad cleanser; frag grenades 220

395 points

4627 points!!!!

We hope you have enjoyed 2016. Visit us tomorrow to hear about our plans for 2017!

Why not let us know what you have got done in 2016! Comment below

Happy New Year. 


  1. Happy new year bunnies!!!!
    My Horus heresy finish models list of the year ...
    4 castellax battle automata, 1 thanatar, 5 thallax

  2. Happy New Year from all at WeeMen

  3. That's a lot of fantasy models. Could be a good amount of posts for "age of Warhammer"

    1. Yeah I feel I have neglected that blog for too long. Will be more active there this year. Will do a New Year goals post there today to kick it off :)

  4. Happy New year from Sons of Sotha.

  5. Happy New Year to the Bunnies, here's to another year of great content from you all!