Sunday, 1 January 2017


Hello all! A merry new year to all of you Heresy fans out there!

So 2016 was tumultuous for many of the Battle Bunnies with many highs and lows, we got a lot of projects done and we forged a good deal with Games Workshop too. We gained some new contributors and some left too. 

Kaelo and I have had difficulty for time to time steering the blog due to work, life drama, moving home and additional home moves. This wiped out months of what we wanted to achieve in 2016. So all in all our progress in 2016 was no way near what we wanted to achieve. This unfortunately meant that we did not feel as though we had any goals in mind sometimes or our project targets changed at the drop of a hat or model. 

We have settled now and hopefully we will be making some serious hobby leaps and bounds in 2017. 

The group has talked and set their own goals and what they want to work on in 2017. We have tried to formulate some Campaigns and conflicts to encourage their painting and progress. We are also toying with the Battle Report system we employ. They may be pretty but they are very time intensive to create (longer games and at least a day of post battle Cad work per battle). 

The schedule below is what the group have decided upon. It should steer the hobby and enables goals to be set for the forces that each contributor wants to work on. 

We will be introducing Ikthelion soon to our blog followers. He is a fantastic guy who collects the Iron Warriors. 

Battle of Phall: Ikthelion and Hector will be fighting the Battle of Phall battle (hopefully starting about May time). Until then there will be significant work on the Zone Mortalis board to finish it off as well as additional work to enhance the board with Starship furniture for story battles. 

Cleansing of Fyulon Prime: This is a conflict which will introduce the avatar of Kaelo Rylanus to the gaming table. It will be an escalation campaign against the Orks featuring some great narrative and several kill team battles.

Maiden of Iybraesil: This is another Bunny made campaign and will be based around a Great Crusade era conflict where the Dark Angels and later the Emperor's Children try to bring a perfect planet into the fold of the Imperium (little do they know that it is a Xenos Maiden World of Craftworld Iybraesil). This will be another escalation Campaign for Eldar scenery as well as the 3 forces involved. 

The Battle for Perditus: Those familiar with the Horus Heresy series will recognise this conflict from the story "The Lion". It will be between the Death Guard and Iron Hands as they try to gain control of the hidden prize beneath the surface, before the I Legion arrive. 

Liberation at Indra-Sul: This is a soft start to our creation of Xenos forces. Kaelo is looking to create the Khrave Xenos race for the notable battle for the Raven Guard in the black book Extermination. 

Battle of Paramar: this will be done mid year and will be focussed around the Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors conflict on this key imperial world. 

We are all hoping that we can make 2017 the first great year of the Battle Bunnies. We will also be celebrating the 5th birthday and 6th birthday this year too (due to difficulties will life priorities. 

Hope you enjoy it too. 

Drake Seta


  1. Goodbye fists, hello the spring of Hector!!!!

    Been waiting for some real space marines on here for a while ;)

    1. Booo. Boooo. Hisss. Hisss.

      Lol yeah we are looking forward to seeing some more Fists on here too.

  2. What I wouldn't do to be a part of a group even half this dedicated..

    1. Thanks for the words. It's only going to get better.

  3. Some exciting stuff awaiting us in the future. Looking forward to seeing your campaigns come to fruition!

  4. Looking forward to keeping abreast of all your brilliant work.

  5. Great stuff guys! 2017 is should be a great hobby year!

  6. I'm super glad you're ramping up the campaigns and battle reports. They were among my favorite things you guys did in 2016 so I'll love seeing more.

  7. Wow this is just amazing! Really cannot wait to see the campaigns!