Sunday, 11 December 2016

Cults and Daemons

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today I want to talk about some chaotic non legion projects - daemons and cults, to be precise!

Warp Cult of the Age of Darkness - The Children of the Crow

My warp cult will be an allied detachment for my Word Bearers - I managed to finish the first unit a few days ago. I plan to paint 10 more grenadiers aswell as their sinister leader - a bloated preacher called "father of crows", and some ogryns in the new year. After that I'll wait for new GW releases - would love to get multi-part cultists and pestigors!

Here is a rough army list idea for my cult:

Imperialis Militia and Cults Army List (Allied Detachment, 500 points)

Force Commander, Cyber Familiar, The Muster of World
130 pts

Auxilia Ogryn Brutes (5 Ogryns)
190 pts


Imperialis Militia Grenadier Squad
9x Grenadiers, Sergeant, Flamer
90 pts

Imperialis Militia Grenadier Squad
9x Grenadiers, Sergeant, Plasma Gun

Keep in mind this is supposed to be a small, fluffy allied detachment for Zone Mortalis games (hence I need to take grenadiers instead of other units, as you are only allowed to take 15 guys per squad). If I would have to expand the list I would add some Leeves (Pestigors), Sentinels and Leman Russ tanks. I can also use them alongside my Word Bearers with one of the new Rite of Wars.

Tzaangor Daemonworld Herd

Another little allied army I would like to do - a cult based on the new Tzaangors models. This could represent either the Thousand Sons thrall-armies from Sortiarius (for the Siege of Terra) or the denizen of the Daemonworld of Sicarus - the future "homeworld" of the Word Bearers.

The idea for this army would be similiar to the cult list above - but with lots of tzaangor leeves (20+ tzaangor units!). I'm mostly waiting for upcoming AoS tzeentch stuff before deciding on this though!

Daemons of the Ruinstorm

I managed to finish three daemon models this year - my Brass Scorpion, the Changeling and Zarakynel.

I still have a bunch of daemonic stuff to do in the future. My plan is to have atleast an allied detachment per god - and all units from their codex painted atleast once!

Here a list of daemons I've completed so far:

Daemons of the Ruinstorm (3119 points)

Daemonic Heralds
Epidemius, Skulltaker, The Changeling, Herald of Khorne
340 pts

10x Bloodletters, Icon, Instrument and Bloodreaper
125 pts

10x Plaguebearers, Icon, Instrument and Plagueridden
115 pts

3x Bloodcrushers, Bloodhunter, Icon, Instrument
160 pts

Skull Cannon
125 pts

Ang'grath the Unbound
888 pts

Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne
700 pts

666 pts

Hope you enjoyed this little overview - what chaotic stuff do you want to see featured? Write us in the comments below!

Lady Atia


  1. Samus?

    Looks great, and can't wait for your future projects!

    1. I started him, but he is currently shelved. Had some bad luck with him - maybe I'll finish the cute blood-ratling when I work on Magnus' skin :)

  2. Currently rereading Talon of Horus and it's had the accidental effect of making me want to get some Tzaangors!

  3. Excellent work on the hoods/masks on those culties. Super creepy. The Brass Scorpion looks fantastic as well. I hope I can get mine to come out as well.

    1. Thanks :)

      Are you planning on using an airbrush for your scorpion?

    2. Nope. Just a really big paintbrush. Like, normally used for doing trim on houses big paintbrush :D

    3. Haha!

      That said, you can get an airbrush for cheap - would work fine for basecoats :)

    4. I know, but I've got my technique down, and I don't really have a great space available to use an airbrush or the desire to spend the time learning it when I've already got something that works.

  4. Not sure about the list I've found out that is best to pick tainted flesh/cult and go with 60+ levies for allies, you could then use Lorgar and his legion to summon daemons and get the nice toys

    1. The problem with big units like these - for one, you can't use them in Zone Mortalis. RAW you only can use units that are not larger than 15 models there. The other problem I have with 60+ model units - I always try to paint my models on the same standard. In the time of painting 60+ cultists I also can paint 60 Space Marines :/

      That said, my Tzaangors (and Pestigors for the word bearers cultists) will probably be Leeves.

  5. I love the cultists, I need to get more myself. I'm with you with the painting of cultists, they all end up the same standard, wether they're lowly rabble or a "noble" space marine.

  6. Ever been inspired by Blanchitsu and his convertions ?(first place I go in WD)