Monday, 12 December 2016

12th Legion - World Eaters

Hi all,

It's 12th December and running with the current theme for this month I am going to talk about a project I want to take on later in the year - my first traitor army, the World Eaters!

I love Betrayer, even as I write this now I am listening to it, and I feel this is one of the best books in the series - it can't be helped really, Aaron Dembski-Bowden is a damn good author (heretically good according to Dan Abnett even!) and it is a great follow on from First Heretic and Know No Fear. Even beyond the obvious candidates to focus on (i.e. Angron and Kharn), a lot of World Eaters lore was covered:
  • The War Hounds
  • The Butchers Nails and their affects on the legion
  • The Conqueror (Captain Lotara Sarrin is amazing!)
  • Legio Audax
The more I listen to this, the more I want to do them - the final engagement in the Battle of Armatura stood out to me as something I could use as the initial theme of the army - in short, a lot of World Eaters charging directly into an Ultramarine shield wall regardless of how tactically disadvantaged they were due to the effects of the butchers nails:

  • Kharn the Bloody
  • Legion Centurion (Primus Medicae - a.k.a. Kargos)
  • Legion Tactical Squad (20 men, chain axes and bolt pistols)
  • Legion Tactical Squad (20 men, chain axes and bolt pistols)
  • Legion Tactical Squad (20 men, chain axes and bolt pistols)
  • Legion Tactical Squad (20 men, chain axes and bolt pistols)
  • Veteran Tactical Squad (Kharn and Kargos' unit - 10 men with chain axes and bolt pistols that are a bit better than a standard tactical squad)

This is less than 1500 points and I feel this is a decent back bone of the army; this would give me room to explore options such as adding the red butchers as a unit along with Angron or bring in a Malchador assault tank in support like on Armatura along with some assault marines to bulk up the army further to 2500 points or more. This could be terrifying for some armies seeing this force running at their lines as fast as they can with no consideration about tactics or their own survival!

What do you guys think? I think 90 men charging across the board with no support is exactly what the World Eaters would do but for example how well do you think adding some drop pods with veterans would work for this list?

Until next time!

Hector Cephas


  1. That's going to be a lot of fun!! I think dreads in drop pods would be better support for the base, though they could also work running with the tacs!

    Terminators in a dreadclaw or kharybdis could work really well too! Rampagers in land raiders could be fun due to them having scout!

  2. World eaters do like drop pods. And if I recall their legion specific terminators were pretty bat shit insane as well, so they'd be right at home as Angrons body guard

    1. Yeah, I'm getting more and more tempted by a drop pod list. It would be amazing! :D

  3. I'd want to do a word bearers detachment with them so you could have khàrn and argal tal fighting together I planned out a counts as world eaters and word bearers army using the 5 edition blood angels codex for 40k

  4. Sounds great! It would be epic to see that many marines charging across no-mans land and straight into their enemies gun line!

  5. Awesome! Can't wait to see your take on them :)

    Blood for the Blood God! Nails for the Butchers!

  6. Don't forget there's a place for heavy support squads, like Lheorvine Urkis from Talon of Horus. Looks good otherwise though :)

  7. Love the theme man, but yeah you definitely need some anti-tank in a big way not more infantry (as cool as it is, and I hate that I am saying that).

    I was playing my mate's WE with my SoH @2500pts, he runs two 20 man squads of inducted like this with an Apothecary, Sergeant has a PF, Artificer and a Meltabomb too for good measure. He gets first turn, puts them down on the table, he has a Leviathan that drops in to my lines and Angron with some butchers and a Praetor are Flying in a Caestus. My first turn I drop a Leviathan down between his two squads, unload phosphex, storm cannons, volkites and the meltagun into them which only leaves about 8 standing including a Legion Champion who joined the squad. He charges my Lev to try and tie it up or bomb it with the 2 Meltabombs in the squad but is unsuccessful, they lose another 4 to Overwatch and combat, then break but aren't swept, my Lev consolidates over towards his second 20 man into my turn, I then move, shoot and charge the other 20 man just catching the tail end of it. I take out half of them all up, who then break and are not swept after failing with their Powerfist to damage him. I just yoyo'd between the two squads until there were only 3 guys left including the Centurion before the Leviathan even lost a single hull point (and it's siege drill).

    On the other side my shooting from a Spartan, 2 quad mortars and 2 CML Javelins deals with his leviathan in a single phase and are left ready for Angron. I shoot him out of the Caestus in my turn 2 despite the jink with a crash and burn taking down 3 butchers, I then shoot Angron to death in a single phase with a Spartans Las and the Two Javelins and that was pretty much game over for him as my Cortus Dread mopped up the Praetor and the other Butchers died to shooting from the quad guns.

    I was thinking for his army he needs to be able to reach out and hurt my long ranged damage dealers so I can't be so chill about leaving them in the open and taking shots, Vindicators with Machine Spirit, A Typhon and Heavy Support squads feel pretty themed to me for the army.

    Anyway, bit of a 'cool story bro' there from me sorry! I love the World Eaters but I'm pretty unphased about 90 single wound +3 models running across the table at my army, especially if we are deploying on the short edges. The fluff is solid as hell but we're still playing the game and it's just not setup to be kind to that.