Tuesday, 13 December 2016

13th Legion - Ultramarines

Hello and good evening everyone

Today is the 13th legion of Christmas and so I wanted to look at the Ultramarines.

After a long absence from 30K while I dabbled in Age of Sigmar (I have been painting fantasy Space Marines instead so it hasn't really been much of a break lol) I am now looking forward to 2017. Ultramarines have always been my favourite legion and now is the time to get a good portion of them on the table. Alongside the UMs I will be working on some Ghost Warriors and some more Age of Sigmar forces. I will also be doing a snow board and a new grass board (if anyone is interested in buying any of the realm of battle hill corner sections please let me know. I have some I want to get rid of. Or, if you have any of the flat sections let me know, I will buy or swap lol).

I am still yet to decide on a paintscheme but I hope to finalise it over xmas and finish my first 1000pts.

My Ultramarine project will be focused mainly around the 99th Company of the 13th legion - one which has never been fleshed out to my knowledge (please cite if I am wrong). Fleshing out my own chapter allows me to do the force the way that I want, but still keep within the legions fluff and restrictions. This is one of those times where it is safe to create fluff to make your force fit within your own favouritisms. For me, this means fighting in cities. So I have created a back story for Kaelo (the captain of the 99th) which shows a prolonged city engagement where he co-ordinates the defence and *successful* (to be played) survival of the company. This will make up a 2-3 part origin story for Kaelo that I would like to continue throughout 2017. During the conflict he found breachers and artillery to be particularly useful and also found how to use the landscape to suit the campaign. To this end, there will be a few of the Ultramarine Breacher squads in my army (I also like the reflection of this back to old Roman era with the shieldwalls) an artillery squadron and the rest will mainly be tactical squads. 

Let's take a look at the starting force which is around 1000pts:

Centurion with shield and Legatine Axe (represented on model as a sword).

1 x 10 man Tactical Squad
1 x 10 man Despoiler Squad
1 x 10 man Breacher squad (with power swords 

1 x 5 man Invictarii Suzerain Squad (MKIV kitbash with swords representing Legatine axes)

Heavy Support:
1 x Medusa

So I am making my own Suzerain because I don't really like the FW ones. I much prefer the design in Tempest which can be seen here:

I have also chosen swords over axes as I feel it is more elegant and I personally feel it fits with UMs better. It is purely down to aesthetics as it has cost me about double what the FW Suzerains would cost lol.

So there you have it. I hope that you like the look of my list. It is tremendously weak (from a competitive standpoint - which is fine because I play for fun lol) bug I also feel it *feels* like an old skool 'Roman' style army. What do you think? 

Stay fluffy!


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  1. Awesome!

    One word ...

    Breaaaaachers :D

  2. Sounds good! Out of interest, what are you making your Suzerains out of?

    1. Well I will probably use the MKIV plastic legs, Invitarii chests, I have some of the shield arms from the Phallanx Warder IF squad, the shield's from the Invictarii squad, Invictarii heads (MKIV), Suzerain MKIII shoulder pad, MKIII shoulder on other side instead of that ugly cumbersome eagle one and then the UM power sword from the upgrade set...all in all a very expensive project lol

    2. If I could sculpt cloaks I would give them cloaks too, but I can't lol. They will have pteruges though.

    3. I know you bunnies don't like using non FW or GW stuff but anvil industries has some nice regal cloaks. And they are lovely sculpts.

    4. Do you have a link? I had a set from somewhere before that I wasn't 'massively' impressed with. Can't remember where they were from though.

  3. ...
    Your starting your ultras? Happy days!

    1. Yeah, finally lol. Will probably do 1000 - 2000pts before I start something else.

  4. Looks like a great start and similar to my own vision! Difference being that I do all breachers with power swords and destroyers with no tactical squads. And I also included a tactical support flamer squad. Love the idea so far!

    1. That sounds really interesting. I was completely against UM Destroyers until I read RG:LOU. Now I can see they have a place!

    2. ;)

      So, does this mean I won the "Ultramarines Destroyers are awesome" discussion :D?

  5. Very nice! Just wondering what you guys think on mixing power swords and bolters on ultramarine breachers? Wording of the rule doesn't say you have to equip them all with swords but people seem to mixed on whether you can do it.

    I only ask as the sword armed breachers are amazing models but on the table they're... well... less than stellar :P

    1. Yeah you are right. It is very vague. I personally seen it as: do whatever you and your friends agree with. Or whatever group you play with most. Then just do it as 'counts as' if there is a lawyer about lol

    2. You can mix and match. Personally though i dont see the point of equiping them all with swords....it cost almost as much as a 10 man squad of suzerains.

      As for what ratio of power swords vs bolter you should have
      ...I have no idea. I would probably do 8 bolters + 2 flamers + 5 swords

  6. Will be interesting to see what your custom Suzerains are like. Interesting kitbash projects are one of the greatest joys for the hobby for me, so I'm always excited to see what people come up with.

    Your planned 1k points starting list there is pretty similar to how I'm starting my Vlka Fenryka army as well, not identical obvious reasons but similar theme and choice of squads. Great minds think alike and all that!

    I saw someone else mention the Anvil Industries capes as a possibility for your Suzerains. I've used them myself. They don't look like much initially but they're pretty flexible depending on how you paint them, so I'll second them as something worth checking out.

  7. I love the shield wall concept (partly why I love the Fists) but for fluff reasons I'd include a couple of Sicarans. Obviously partly designed by Gulliman plus Romans would usually have a cavalry force to protect the flanks.

  8. I love your concept. The 13th need more battle brothers. I started my own Ultramarines Army recently: https://www.flickr.com/photos/126200914@N03/

  9. Excited to get campaigning against these guys! :D