Saturday, 24 December 2016

Dear Santa

Xmas as we all know is about asking the man in the red suit about what we want more than anything else. So I asked the Bunnies to make their lists:

So let's see what they want from GW:

Drake Seta: Thanks for the Plastic MKIII, Tartaros, Custodes and Sisters of Silence. They are really appreciated. This year I want Forge World to release Vlka Fenryka heads, Close Combat weapons (axes, Seaxes etc), generic Rune priest and Wolf Priest. I would also like to see another Knight Errant or two (maybe Ltd edition), more Centurion variants which are readily available, Saul Tarvitz (at last to lead the Loyalists in Isstvan III). 
I would also like to see the elusive Plastic Thunderhawk from Games Workshop, some Custode Terminators and some additional Sister of Silence options. 
I would love a Night Lord mug, Secutarii Legio Mortis transfers, Legion specific templates and Digital Army list creator for 30k. 
From Black Library I would like to see Crimson King at last, as well as a book showcasing the Rout trying to get to Horus, more Death Guard (would like to find out what the remaining Captains are up to) and maybe JUST MAYBE consider hinting whether Horus/Sigilite considers trying to contact one or both of the II and XI Primarchs (prisoners in the dungeons beneath Terra / locked away somewhere etc. to at least address that they have been considered if they are still alive as a potential asset or threat if captured.

Lady Atia: 2016 was awesome - especially Sisters of Silence, Blood Bowl, Sylvaneth and the Thousand Sons!

What I would like to get my hands on in 2017:

- The new plastic Inquisitor-Lady and Celestine for 40k
- Another Primarch (either 30k Magnus or Daemon Mortarion)
- Tzaangors, lots of them!
- More Blood Bowl stuff, especially dark elves
- Elite units and special characters for the Thousand Sons in 30k
- Inferno (finally!)
- 10 Titans! Well, atleast Adeptus Titanicus scale titans ... and the Titan's Death
- A novel about the Death Guards' journey to Terra!

Hector Cephas: I have been a very good Legiones Astartes protecting Imperium of Mankind from the armies of the Warmaster Horus Lupercal.

This year, I would love it if Forge World could produce a miniature statue of my primarch, Rogal Dorn so I can recreate the heroic battles that he has led during the Great Crusade and simulate possible encounters with the Warmasters forces.

Darien Vasco:  would like to see:
1) Models for Saul Travitz and Little Horus Aximand. 
2) More Knights Errant models, the ones from the Garro stories and some generic. 
3) MkII and MkIV jump packs as a separate pack. 
4) Plastic Thunderhawk and warhound 
5) something awesome that I have no idea I need but need as some as it is previewed! 
6) Plastic MkII armour
7) Plastic assault squads
8 ) More Sicaran variants 
9) 2 Primarch models 
10) All the missing legion specific units
Aveinus Kaane: I would like to see:
1) Models for shadrak Meduson or Gabriel Santar so the iron hands actually have a leader!
2) Blood angels characters and of course sanguinius!
3) Plastic assault squads
4) More exclusive or pre release items at the Horus Heresy weekender as last year was very disappointing in that respect. 
5) More legion specific units for the legions, it seems a long time since we've had any!
6) New eldar kits being released such as new aspect warriors and guardians
7) Eldar Exodites from GW. 
8.) Finally GW to continue being awesome like it has throughout 2016!

Kaelo Rylanus: I am hoping to see:
1. New Eldar kits for aspect warriors and guardians.
2. Guilliman to come back and secure the imperium in 40k
3. The Ultramatine legion specific units.
4. Dorn.
5. Magnus
6. Alpha toys
7. All remaining infantry to be redone in plastic.
8. Out of scale legion units to be redone.
9. Exodites.
10. More corsair upgrades!
11. Warhammer Quest expansion 
12. New Wood Aelf models
13. Wood Elf blood bowl team
14. Time to do all my projects

Castiel Druas: I am wishing for:
1. The Lion
2. Dark Angels Dreadwing models
3.  Farith Redloss
4. Some more Alpha Legion units
5. Alpharius
6. Dark Elf Bloodbowl team
7. Dark Angels Transfers

Spectre would like to see:
1. Alpharius
2. Meduson
3. Sharrowkyn
4. The Raven Guard character models
5. Combat shield models
6. Plastic MkII and MkVI armour
7. Plastic MkIV and MkVI assault marines
8. Plastic Thunderhawk
9. Warhammer Quest expansion
10. Mordheim

What do you think/want from Father GWmas?


  1. Aren't the II and XI Primarchs skulls in the audio drama The Sigilite?

    1. They don't actually represent their actual skulls apparently.

  2. Great listings :)
    Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Good lists there guys, I look forward to seeing your work through 2017

    1. Thanks. We aren't too happy about our overall content and progress in 2016. Our direction has been a bit lacking and months of moving and drama (mainly on my part) have reduced our progress.
      2017 will be awesome.

  4. Some good stuff here, including Lord Dorn, Titans, and more Sicarans. I'd like GWmas to bring me Arkonak & Saturnyne Terminators, Mauler Heavy Tanks or tanks, a New Dreadnought and maybe some Blood Angels.

  5. I wish for a Luther (loyalist version and "loyal only to Caliban" version), Astelan, Cypher, rules to represent loyalists Dark Angels (and "no too loyalists" Dark Angels), and a reedition of Epic 40k/Adeptus Titanicus set during the Horus Heresy. Oh, and some way to pay for all of it, of course.

    BTW, congratulations for your efforts on the blog through all this 2016! Keep it up on 2017! Cheers!

  6. Merry Christmas and a blogtastic New Year Bunnies!

  7. I'd like to see the moritat available and mk iii breacher shields separately...

    Mary Christmas bunnies!

  8. 1. Custodes (all of them! characters more tanks dreads and upgrades)

    2. Imperial knight for custodes...because reasons.

    3. Adeptus titanicus

    4. Nightguant titan

    1. The Custodes have Titans btw :P

    2. I know they have fire wasp Titans guarding the throne room in 40k. Is there others I don't know about?

    3. Re-read 'A Thousand Sons' ;)

  9. Dear Santa and the overlords of Forgeworld!

    I would love some Vth and VIth Legion specific units as well as legion upgrade weapon sets!

    Please let's see some named characters for both the White Scars and VF

    Thank you for the plastic MKIII..... love that MK

    Merry Christmas Bunnies!!!

    1. Inferno is coming out so I know we are getting a list/lists for VF..... Open Day is on the 2nd right? So I am hoping and praying they reveal something VF. That t-shirt is awesome that they have for the Open Day

      Seasons Greetings, happy gaming and hobbying

  10. From Forgeworld I would like:
    Legio Tempestus transfers, mkiii breachers upgrades and Alpharius. Oh and inferno (finally)

    From GamesWorkshop I would like:
    Plastic Warhounds, Plastic heresy tanks and mkii marines and An end to the silly must go to a gw store on this day to by a model type events. The blood bowl ref type limited edition is far better.

    From Specialist Games I would like:
    Adeptus titanicus
    Blood bowl stuff
    Battlefleet gothic?

  11. I would basically love them forever if Forge World put Cyrene Valantion and Argel Tal in their Shadow Crusade book. Maybe release them as a set if they got miniatures so they could be put on the same display base.

  12. Plastic Sicaran! Assault Marine upgrade packs for the plastics, whether in plastic or in resin. And Alpharius.

    1. Plastic Sicaran is a great shout (and not too unrealistic due to its popularity month by month).

  13. Plastic 30k jump packs for mkiii, chain axes with hands attached(pinning the current FW ones are the bane of my existence). Plastic bikes and attack bikes

    1. We don't even have resin MKIII jump packs, since the armor's usually too heavy. Ashen Circle get them, but they have a unique MKIII sub-pattern that they use.

      The Ashen Circle use MKII jump packs though, if you're curious.

    2. I do like those chain axes on the circle models

  14. Replies
    1. How could I not add this to the list? Good shout Nogle

  15. 1. I'd like Forge World to make stuff THEY like making. They're at their best when they go "off piste" and surprise us with something for the love of making it. I crave innovation within the framework of the setting, so would love to see them just try something because they want to express themselves: a totally new vehicle or race, rather than another iteration of a bolt pistol.

    2. Imperial units priced at £20-50 that are compatible with multiple Imperial sub factions covering 30k-40k. Mechanicum robots are a good example. At that price they become an impulse purchase that can be used across multiple armies.

    3. More Imperial Armour books.

    4. Lucifer pattern dreadnought

    5. Bog standard Imperial Army for 30k

    6. A Horus Heresy book covering the Solar War where Alan Bligh is given total artistic freedom to worldbuild the 30k solar system and where he makes it totally insane.

    7. An Imperial Armour book focussing on Rogue Traders: describing a 40k set Rogue Trader campaign, with history and details of various RT dynasties, dovetails with any specialist games updated BFG release, links to new Forge World miniatures.

    1. Imperial armour for rogue traders would be fantastic!

    2. Spoken like a true fan.

      1) Couldn't agree more. I'd like to see them go to do new Races and slide back to Great Crusade when Heresy ends.

      4, 5) yup would be great.

      7) It will happen. Just hope sooner rather than later.

  16. Happy christmas to the BattleBunnies and all the commenters!

  17. Merry christmas!!!
    GWS: -Plastic thunderhawk
    -plastic deimos rhino
    -plastic sicarans
    -plastic assault mkIII & mkIV
    -plastic transport for 40k ad mech and skitarii
    -plastic Flyer for 40k ad mech and skitarii
    FW: -DORN!
    -more custodes
    - rules for WH30k great crusade Orks and eldar