Monday 30 January 2017

Craftworld Iybraesil: Windrider Jetbike WIP 2

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I have been very busy with work and life since coming back from a holiday, so hobby time has been in short supply, however, I did manage to complete the final highlights on my first jetbike.

I don't quite know yet whether I will put a black chevron and transfer across the front of the jetbikes bonnet, but I do look of official GW schemes that do have them. Other than that I have finished adding two separate highlights, the first being a mix which builds up from the overall layer and then the final highlight on the edges or high points of the bike.

I am working on a paint scheme at the moment, so I will reveal all of the GW paints I used in a tutorial.

This is my first jekbike so it was a bit of a test model in some ways and I am hoping to improve the overall finish on the next one. I think in some places I could have tidier highlights and in others I have used a few to many thin layers try to find the desired colour!

Finally I am really happy with how my targeting array came out! I'll tell you how I managed that in the paint guide too.

Just a quick post unfortunately, but I hope you like it. Please catch up with us at the weekender with our event coverage and in person if you've managed to get a ticket!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. That's a really well executed paint job! Looking forward to seeing your painting tutorial for this.

  2. Looks great! I really like the colour!!