Sunday, 29 January 2017

Weekly Progress Report 29/01/2017

Hi all,

Let's see what the Bunnies have been up to this week...

Hector has been building sub-components for his infantry (MkIII legs, torsos and back packs, terminator parts). This week Hector plans to repose some of his marine arms, clean up his resin upgrade parts and hopefully start building some of his squads.

Atia used this week to finish the Skavenblight Scramblers Rat Ogre. Oh, and it seems like Daenerys the cat likes skaven!

Castiel has managed to find some hobby time this week and has continued to work on his Predators.

Ikthelion spent most of his hobby time preparing his army for the Doubles Tournament, mainly working to finish his Tyrant Siege Terminators.

Drake Seta has finished Leman Russ (expect a full rundown this/next week) and has immediately started on Freki and Geri. He has chosen to depose them and carry out a few slight modifications so they don't require their scenic bases.

What have you been up to?


  1. Ye-ha, back on! Great work guys.

  2. Those tyrants are fierce looking.

  3. I have seen Drakes Russ and he is Spectacular. He inspired me to finish mine.

    Great work to the rest of the bunnies!

    Atia, are you going to post your team at some point?

  4. This is making me jealous. The too regular 40 degree heat in Sydney lately is not conducive to paint flow!
    Love those Terminators.

  5. How did Ikthelion paint his terminators!?

    1. More importantly what Cylcones were used?

  6. Ha ha, Daernerys the cat :)
    I've just finished my WHW limited edition Terminator Chaplain!