Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hector Cephas; Imperial Fist Legion Terminators

Hi all,

Today, I'm going to talk about my Imperial Fists terminators - namely my "shooting configuration" terminators.

The Imperial Fists are an interesting legion in gaming terms. We don't have a legion specific terminator unit unlike most legions, instead we have more options for our standard terminator units. We are the only legion with access to a proper storm shield (the Salamanders one only boosts a models existing invulnerable save after all), we have access to assault cannons (the Blood Angels also can use these too) and teleport transponders that allow us to deep strike.

My shooting configuration terminators make good use of assault cannons and combi-bolters to threaten targets as they either march up the battlefield or deep strike behind enemy lines. In cataphractii terminator armour, they can take a lot of punishment while they can deal with infantry and most vehicles at range and in close combat and certainly deal it back.

When Polux takes to the field, I normally give him a retinue of terminators in this configuration which you might view as an odd choice. I could stick him in a squad of terminators with storm shields and make use of the stone gauntlet rite of war to boost his toughness but I prefer to be more flexible than that. Storm shields make you more resilient but you need to get into close combat before you start to shine - Polux is odd as he is the exception to this rule, he also has ranged capability so he can threaten outside of close combat so he fits perfectly into this kind of squad.

I love this squad, I really do; they have great range and melee capability and as a result of that they draw a lot of attention and die horribly - particularly when Polux is with them. However, that is an awful lot of attention being drawn away from the rest of my army which is no bad thing.

Until next time,

Hector Cephas


  1. Are those the assault cannon previewed to be released soon by forgeworld? Or are they from 40k terminators? I'm waiting for the FW version for my iron warrior cataphractii.

    1. They look like the 40k plastic assault Cannons.

      Also I didn't know iron Warriors could use the assault Cannons, I always thought it was just Blood Angels and Imperial Fists?

    2. Oh I'm just a collector and follower of the rule of kool, so I don't follow the rules and exact lore... if it's a big reliable shooty gun it's perfect for iron warriors 😉

  2. Nice looking squads. Have you ever run them with a transport at all?

    1. Depends on the situation - if I need them to be more mobile then I will use my spartan or land raiders for sure but if I am planning on controlling the middle of the battle ground with them I will footslog instead.

  3. Great looking squad! Any chance of a few more close ups? Particular on the sgt's helmet stripe.