Friday, 20 January 2017

New Releases 20/01/2017

Hi guys,

Looks like this week is dedicated to the Legio Custodes. The contemptor and grav attack from the open day a few weeks back are now available for pre-orders.
Galatus Dreadnought
Custodes Pallas Grav Tank
Grav Attack Bundle
 Legio Custodes Collection Bundle
(another useful way to get a squad of Custodians without paying for a full Burning of Prospero box)

I can't wait to see what will be coming out at the weekender as I expected these to be released fully that weekend!

Until next time,

Hector Cephas


  1. Grr I wanted my Fists to be a decent size before I got any of these guys but damn they're making it hard!

  2. Just waiting patiently for Freki, Greki and book Seven to release / become available here in the states..............waiting is getting difficult.

  3. I will not check the pricss of that bundle I would cry.

  4. Spear dreads... then I'm interested

  5. That dread would look amazing in emperor's children colours. Especially with giant Phoenix spear or Charnable saber!!! I would even use the Custodians grav-tanks for Emperor's Children, cuz they'd go with land speeders and jet bikes as a complete hover/flyer/drop pod army. Anyway, hoping the assault canon for cataphractii and tyrants get released at the event. Though I suspect the entire event will revolve around book 7, Space Wolves, TSons, Custodians, and SOS... doubt any other models for other armies will be previewed/released.

  6. Anyone know if there are Custodes Terminators on the way? I only ask as I'm reading Master of Mankind and it mentions Custodes Terminators armed with incendium firepikes!!