Thursday, 19 January 2017

Freki and Geri, posed without scenic base?

Hi all

With the Primarch of the VI Legion almost finished on my table, I thought I would assemble his Wolf Kin. 

Nooooow. . . I do love a good scenic base for display purposes, but I am more a fan of not transporting dead Legionaires that are not present on the current Battlefield around with my models. Sooooo Freki and Geri maiming beautifully sculpted Thousand Sons on a pre-Heresy battlefield is just not for me. 
The problem that presents itself to me is: They are designed to be. . . . 

So Wolf 1 "Freki" looks like this

The claws on the paws are clearly designed to to be applying pressure on something. 

Wolf 2 "Geri" looks like this

Geri is not so much of a problem compared to Freki, but her paw is also in a position where she is pushing off of something. 

Here are some wolves and big cats either leaping or striking. 

I feel their paws need to be regarded as Lion-like instead of wolf like due to their scale. As you can see the fingers are not bunched up, but are extended to strike. I might be reading into this too much, but I feel like I need to alter them. 

What do you think?

Drake Seta


  1. I wouldn't say they are more like lions scale more than pose. Dogs fight with mouths and bodies generally body blocks and bites, but pinning smaller prey with paws too. lions fight tooth and claw and drag things down. Fenrisian wolves fight like? Well that I guess is more a question of how you see them fighting. I'd say like dogs and wolves.

    Regarding the paws, that's just statuesque exaggeration. I.e. Making them bigger to create a focal point. The paw shape is dog like, they are usually just slimmer.

    Just remember they also need to look great next to Russ so will need to be full of movement.

    As an idea, stick wolf 1 to a metal pole and have it leaping. Wolf 2, repose the paws a bit so they are not pinning a model.

    1. Yeah I get you. Their Muzzles, Snouts, width of their mouths and paws are so much larger in scale than a standard wolf (guess that is the Fenrisian aspect).
      I think I am edging towards Freki getting his paws extended forwards a bit more so they are less compacted.

  2. Maybe use lumps of slate could be used as a pressure point for the Wolves.

    I use bits in my army and I really like the effect.

  3. In the same idea than Andrew, you could also imagine they are going over some obstacle like a barrel, ammo crate, barricade,...

    You can then just replace the dying marines with somthing else as pressure point.

  4. I don't think you have to alter them..... but perhaps make and design a base that has some sort of outcrop or rock rubble that they are climbing or bounding over?

    I agree though, the claws are extended out applying pressure.... but it could be pressure upon a bound?