Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lady Atia - plans for 2017

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Today I want to talk about my plans for 2017 - as you may know, I'm going to tackle the XVth legion for our Prospero Campaign and beyond, so this will be my big focus this year!

The first two months will be used to finish more units for my Word Bearers - I would like to get five more Gal Vorbak aswell as five Ashen Circle done. I'm also currently working on my first Blood Bowl team - the Skavenblight Scramblers.

Once I got my hands on Inferno, I'll be able to plan my Thousand Sons in detail - for now I have a rough outline:

- Ahriman
- Iskandar Khayon and Gyre
- Legion Praevian with 2 Cataphract Automata

- Legion Tactical Veterans with Rhino (10)
- Legion Tactical Veterans (10)
- Legion Tartarus Terminators, Scarab Occult (5-10)
- Legion Tartarus Terminators, Scarab Occult (5-10)
- Legion Tactical Support Squad with Rhino (10 with flamers)
- Legion Tactical Support Squad (5-10, with rotor cannons)

- Destroyer Squad, jump-packs (10)
- Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought
- 3 Rapier

Fast Attack:
- 2 Javelins

Heavy Support:
- Heavy Support Squad (5 with autocannons)

Lord of War:
- Magnus the Red

I added some more Terminators and Support Marines to my starter list from december - and I decided to do Iskandar Khayon - prior to the Rubric, but after Prospero - alongside his tutelary Gyre. I hope to finish a small starter force 'till summer!

There are also two big models I want to finish this year - Daemonprimarch Magnus aswell as a Lord of Change (maybe Kairos or my own version of M'Kachen - not sure yet!).

I'm really looking forward to the next months - and I can't wait to defend Prospero against Drake's puppies :P

Lady Atia


  1. Love the addition of Khayon and Gyre. Any idea which Wolf model you'll use?

    1. I'll probably convert a thunderwolf - not sure yet! But I want to do a FW style scenery base for both ^.^

  2. you can try this wolf:

    1. Oh that's great!

      Also found this:

    2. I bought some of those awhile back . They are great for custom work.

  3. Hey Atia, what? No breachers? have a look at these.


    1. I may do Breachers (simply because I love them and their transfer sheets look ace with black boarding shields :P). Tbh I'm mostly waiting for a good read of Inferno to decide on that^^

  4. Will this campaign be videod???

    I'd love to see a play by play! Or even pictures of the campaign like the first Battle Bunnies Battle Reports.... especially with the effects!

    Wow love the schedules you Bunnies are doing! Like I said before awesome motivation for me! This will definitely be an awesome year! I cannot wait to see Inferno and build some VF

    Sorry Thousand Sons.... Shakespearean tragedy.......

    1. Probably WD style pictures without the advertising haha.

      And it's probably gonna be some time 'till we do Prospero - I'm a slow painter and so :(

  5. Please let it be the old school WD style! So much easier to follow and visually see!

    Not a fan of the new ways :-(

  6. Nice! I hope inferno will be released soon. I need to read the stuff in it. Especially custodes fluff. And hopefully the unit description of custodes termis. My sis gifted me the burning of prospero set. I have all black books but i never actually painted a model for years so this will be interessting

    1. Check out Duncan's painting guides - I think he also did one for Custodes - if not, Stormcast Eternals have a similiar paint scheme :)

  7. The extra months they tacked on in November to Inferno's release, have felt like some of the longest months I've waited in recent years, and for more reasons than just this. Still I too have been pumping out tactical marines ready for the XVth legion rules to land. Can't wait.

  8. Completely unrelated but I'd recommend reading Red Tithe from Black Library. New author shaping up well and very interesting for anybody interested in the Raven Guard sent out into the dark (the Shade Lord etc).... they may have made friends.

    1. Oh yeah, it's defo on my reading list (although I'm currently re-reading ASoIaF :D)

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  10. Do you play word bearers in 40k?
    And do you use the Imperial Armour 13 etc heresy vehicles?
    Expecting forge world to go to 8th?
    Im an Alpha Legion player so its all a bit up in the air for heresy