Sunday, 5 February 2017

Adeptus Titanicus Seminar

Adeptus Titanicus

Beta Garmon is an important setting during the Horus Heresy and is referenced in this picture below. 
It also shows two Titan Legios in the top row which are being reintroduced into the IP. 

Imperial Hunters are returning into the game too. 

Legio Krytos "God Breakers" the Pragmatic wrecking ball of the Titan Legions. 

Knights aren't very durable against Knights, but really can't be ignored. 

They have done Legio specific traits for Mortis and Tempestus. 

Scenarios include the House Devine vs Titans in the end of Vengeful Spirit and they are planning Titan Death on Beta Garmon 

Planning for game to be on 4x4 giving the collectors place for the datasheets. 

App support might happen if demand is high #giveuscommandterminals

No plans for Imperator yet. 

Ordo Sinister will feature

Ursus claws will be done

No word on price yet. 

Models will be relatively expensive. 

Drake Seta