Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Blood in the Void: Plasma Drives. Pt1

Hi all. 

We are getting closer and closer to being able to run some great Campaigns. I would like to share with you the plans of my first 3D design which will be 3D printed. 

We are all getting prepared for different Campaigns that we will be playing within the Bunny camp. Battle of Phall will be played between Ikthelion and Hector using the Blood in the Void Campaign system from Extermination. 

As you may know, the Campaign is designed to be played on Zone Mortalis, with certain "Wrecker" Objectives. Unfortunately Forge World do not seem to want to release any of these objectives and so it falls to us to create them for use on our boards. 

To attack a Cruiser (mid size Campaign) you need to at least have terrain pieces for Drives (Warp or Plasma), then either Augur Arrays, Weapon Batteries or Life Sustainers, as well as a Bridge (or entrance to it at least). 

So I googled Plasma Drives 40k and found this;
A pretty damn good example of what Plasma Drives on a Starship should look like, and so I loaded up my AutoCAD and taught myself 3D oodelling. 

I planned the pieces together then separated them to be more suitable for the 3D printing aspect. 

This is the printing face for most parts. 

After this is complete I need to get onto a different objective (possibly weapon Batteries represented by some Titan Laster blasters that my Brother Kaelo gifted me). 

Drake Seta


  1. Are you printing the cores in a clear medium? Could use a led up the middle for aome good lighting effect.

  2. Whatever happened to the Purokar Campaign?

    1. It's stalked due to house moves/work/lack of readily available gaming space. Hopefully it will be back up and running as soon as the Aett (see yesterday's post) is finished.

  3. Good stuff, really good. My gaming group was discussing getting a 3D printer recently to help speed up our Iron Cage construction.

  4. Looks great.

    How difficult is the whole CAD malarkey? And is the software good?

    1. I use 2D AutoCAD every day so it was a little transition. It's not too difficult, most apps have good tutorials. I think there are some free programs out there, so as long as you make the effort to learn it and put time aside you will be fine.
      This is my first 3D model and I did it in 4 Hours.