Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Ork Warbosses


I was hoping to begin bringing you updates regarding my Emperor's Children, however I am in the middle of moving house and I don't want to start assembling more minis! With Kaelo and myself planning on running a campaign in the coming months that will be featuring Ultramarines and Orks, I thought it was time that I showed off my Ork collection. The Orks will be featuring quite regularly in our Great Crusade campaigns, as the bulk of the Xenos fighting in this time was against Orks.

Today I wanted to begin with 3 of the Warbosses that I have completed. I would like to try and have a different feel to the Orks in each of the campaigns that they feature in and part of that will be the Warboss leading the army.

I will be naming them as we go along so that they can fit in with the backstory that we create. Hopefully they can claim many mighty hero's of the Imperium! First up is my Warboss with a Big Choppa, I usually use this as one of the relic version in the Ork codex but we are undecided on how we will handle the Orks in the Great Crusade.

Next up is my Warboss on Warbike using the Forge World model. He is currently awaiting the rest of his army to be completed. I have 24+ warbikers to ride with him, but they require a fair bit of work to get ready. I also want to add the Forge World Nob bikers in to give him a nasty squad to head up.

Last up is Ghaz. He is unlikely to feature in our campaigns as he is a bit to iconic a character in the 40k universe.

 The three all together:

Whilst I wait to be able to get started on the Emperor's Children I will be showing off some more of the units and army styles that I have planned for the Orks. 

Until next time



  1. Dey luk so puny. Bloo is da hardest! Waaaaggghhhh!

    Great looking puny orks. Maybe try orking up and paint them bloo?

  2. Dat bike needz moar red! Red meanz it goes fasta!

  3. These look amazing buddy! Looking forward to our chat this week regarding the upcoming campaign.

    1. Thanks! :) yeah looking forward to sorting out the details!

  4. Need more boars and squigoths!

    1. I have a giant squigoth to get painted soon and I would like to add some of the smaller ones to run next to the giant!

  5. I was loving it, until I saw the mould lines on that axe! They are making me cringe so hard :( Otherwise, awesome