Monday, 6 February 2017

The Vlka Fenryka Great Companies.

Hello all. I have summarised the Vlka Fenryka as it stood just prior to Prospero. I want to update it to include the actual names of as many Jarls as possible. If you could help it would be appreciated. 
Also with the exception of Laughing Jaurmag, I believe the Jarls sent out in the watchpacks are now still Jarls but not Great Company Commander Jarls (Inferno page 84) 

Also I am trying to get the numbers correct. I am sure in Prospero Burns, Kasper asks about the numeric system the the Vlka Fenryka use and the Wolf he questions counts the Companies out to him. If anyone can write that in comments below it would be appreciated. 

Force size at time of Prospero approx 95,000 to 100,000 (see page 24 of Inferno for 11 Companies at an approximate 73,200 as part of the Censure Host). 

1: Onn - The Breakers of Rings - mainly Terminators of the Varagyr. Additional Legion command elements. 
Jarl of Onn - Gunnar Gunnhilt (Lord Gunn). 
3,000 Legionaires. 

2: Twa - The Thread Cutters - mainly veteran infantry and Dreadnoughts. 
Jarl of Twa -
800 Legionaires + 60 Dreadnoughts

3: Tra - The Eagle's Keepers - mostly Close assault infantry and support armour
Jarl of Tra - Ogvai Ogvai Helmschrot
9,800 Legionaires. 

4: For - The Blood-worm's Masters - Mainly Heavy Infantry and Artillery. Large number of Breacher and assault units. 
Jarl of For - Hvarl Red-Blade [Jarl for 50 years at time of Prospero Conflict]
8,600 Legionaires. 

5: Fyf - The Blood-Ice Storm - mixed infantry force with Light armour
Jarl of Fyf - Amlodhi Skarssen
10,000 Legionaires. 

6: Sesc - No information
Jarl of Sesc - 

7: Sepp - The Wight-flame's Wielders (Landayvan) - mainly 'Black Cull' and Destroyer and Immolation units. This Company also holds much of the Legion's Siege weapons and Artillery. 
Jarl of Sepp - 
5,200 Legionaires. 

8: For-Twa - The Slaughter-fire Heralds - Principally Recon and Infiltration units. 
Jarl of For-Twa - 
9,500 Legionaires. 

9: Tra-Tra - The Serpents of the Battle Moon - notable content of Heavy Weapons, Rapiers and Infantry Support units. 
Jarl of Tra-Tra - Sturgard Joriksson
7,800 Legionaires. 

10: Dekk - 
Jarl of Dekk - 

11: Dekk-Onn - The Sea-flame's Bearers - Veteran infantry with high Terran numbers. 
Jarl of Dekk-Onn - Varald Helsdawn
9,200 Legionaires. 
Note: Page 50 of Inferno, Torm Gudaric (Outlander Jarl) is mentioned as being in command of the 11th and 13th Companies. As Jorin is famously the Jarl of 13th Company, this might mean that Torm was Jarl of 11th at the time of Burning of Prospero. 

12: Tolv - The Shield-gnawers (Was called Grieving Dragon) - principally Close Assault Infantry and Ground Assault vehicles. 
Jarl of Tolv - Oki (Called Scarred) (Successor to Jaurmag (Called Laughing Jaurmag who was sent to Terra before Prospero)). 
8,700 Legionaires. 

13: Dekk-Tra - The Corpse-renders (Wolf Brothers) - Pursuit and assault units. 
Jarl of Dekk-Tra - Jorin Bloodfang
600 Legionaires. 

Thanks for any assistance. 

Drake Seta 


  1. Jarl of Sepp is the guy in Inferno, Hvarl Red-Blade as far as I can find.

  2. I can't wait to get my grubby mits on rules for the Sons of Russ, I only plan to use them as allies at the moment but we shall see.

  3. I have been looking for an ally for my Imperial Fists for a second legion project. Bouncing between Blood Angels, Salamanders and Raven guard.

    But the more I see/read about heresy Era wolves the more I am interested. I can't stand 40k Space Wolves as they are But these guys seem miles away different.

    1. Read "Howl of the Hearthworld" if you've not already and you'll probably want to build the watch pack sent to keep an eye on Dorn.

    2. It's on my reading list actually.. looks like I'll have to move it to the front of the Queue! Thank you for the suggestion!

    3. I love Howl of the Hearthworld. Absolutely brilliant.

  4. I've had a scan through Prospero Burns and I can't find the passage Drake. I'll try and have another look later.

    1. It's when he first escapes the dark and meets them upstairs.

  5. Hvarl Red-Blade was mentioned in 'Wolf King' as Jarl of Seventh Great Company, but now he is a Jarl of Fourth Great Company. It sounds interesting.

    1. He is one of the 4 Character entries in the book. Definitely 4th now.

  6. This is great!! Define rly keen on doing a TWA company.... would be really neat fielding a lot of dreadnaughts.... especially with that beautiful Contemptor coming soon.

  7. Finally. The Emperor's Executioners have returned! Thanks to battle bunnies for your coverage of the weekender, you had me checking every 5 minutes! :)
    P.S. Will you be doing a review of the SW rules?

    1. Yes we will be doing a write up of the rules of all factions soon. :)

  8. Onn, twa, tra, for, fyf, sesc, for-twa, tra-tra, dekk.
    1-10 from Prospero Burns when Hawser meets Skarssen.

  9. Bugger, I missed sepp out. Too much struggling with auto correct!

    1. No problem thought I may as well reread to get myself in the mood! If I come across any Jarls that differ I'll add them in.