Tuesday, 28 February 2017

To Terra Event in Huddersfield

Hello all

In April the Holmfirth gaming centre is hosting a large 30k event. You can find out more about it here. 

Games are based at a decent 2250 points and there are 6 games over the weekend. 

"The race is on to defend terra. May splinter factions are merging on Terra for the final battle and time is running out. The Warp tears through the minds of all attuned to its charms and follies. Psycher’s die by the day fighting to ensure their legions are in play for the final stand. A calmness in the eternal void causes vessels to drop from the race. Legions ready for planet fall are plucked from the imaterium into real space.
No one can see the light of the astronomican. Who is allay who is traitor? No one can tell. There is only war.
The battle begins....... Who will win?"

The event costs a reasonable £35 and includes food. 

The people running the event in my opinion are some of the funniest members of the 30k community. 

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