Thursday 9 March 2017

Freki and Geri Work in Progress: Re-posed

Hi all

Here we are. My Wolf-Kin reposed. 

Wolf 1 was incredibly easy to re-pose. A simple bit of heat gun work on the legs and a slight elevation on the underside of the right rear foot, gives Freki the appearance of rearing up to strike. I then cut the knuckles off of the front two paws and green stuffed a more splay foot to his paws. Then simply adding a few green stuff Claws gives the impression that he is ready to kill. 

This was a bit more of a pain to re-imagine as her left front paw was created to be pinning a foe. So I hear gunned her front left leg and bent it down (which unfortunately slightly broke as it was being re-bent. Minor green stuff work solved this though. 
I decided to put a rock on her base as it was too difficult to do anything else generic with her footing. 

They are coming on well, with only a few claws to be added. 

Hopefully the Lord of Winter and War will be shown soon, with these Wolves painted next month. 

Drake Seta. 


  1. Awww, cute widdle pooches! Loving these :)

    1. Lol. Yeah they are.

      The cool thing about these guys is; you know how an Alsatian might jump up and put its paws on your shoulders and lick your face, Freki and Geri could do it to a Leviathan. By scale that is the same size as a 2 Storey house. . . They could sniff your guttering. . .

  2. Nice work, I look forward to seeing these alongside the Wolf King and hearing how they do in battle.

  3. They look so much better how you have them posed!! Can't wait to face them on the table!