Monday 20 March 2017

Horus Heresy No Retreat Gibraltar Armies and Tables


Following on from my post on Saturday with details of my games from the SN Battle Reports Horus Heresy No Retreat, here are the photos of the amazing tables and armies that were at the weekend.

The tables were really great and made the gaming experience so much better! There were 13 tables all together and each had its own unique feel and look.

The armies:

Andrew Hall (Sons of Horus) England

Thom Willis (Emperors Children) England

David Braines (Mechanicum) England

William Henry (Salamanders) England

Andrew Dickerson (Imperial Fists) England

Jens Träff (Dark Angels) Sweden

Matthew Morgan (Word Bearers) Canada

Si Thorne (Mechanicum) England

Alex Wanless (Talons of the Emperor) England

Liam Hearne (White Scars) England

Prometheus Spyridis (Iron Hands) Greece

Arion Spyridis (Solar Auxillia) Greece

Jamie Jackson (Word Bearers) England

Josef Fabian (World Eaters) England

Wilfred Armstrong (Blood Angels) England

Benjamin Sephton-Smith (Mechanicum) England

Tom Stallard (Ultramarines) England

Sean Canning (Sons of Horus) England

Steven Pardo (Iron Warriors) Gibraltar

Andy Wardle (Ultramarines) England

Tom Miller (Sons of Horus) England

Dean Harding (Space Wolves) England

This really was a brilliant event! I cannot recommend the No Retreat events enough! The SN team do an absolutely brilliant job and the event was the best Heresy event I have attended! They have already announced the next Horus Heresy No Retreat get applying now!



  1. Thanks for sharing, get looking set up and some great armies

    1. The quality of the armies was really high! The best I've seen! Everyone's army was painted really well and fit in the fluff too, which was fantastic to see!

  2. No death guard, huh? Interesting.

    1. Unfortunately the Death Guard player that was due to attend had a problem with his fight and was unable to make it :(