Wednesday 29 March 2017

Perturabo - The Lord of Iron

Perturabo - The Lord of Iron

Hi all,

I wanted to show you my finished Perturabo model. He's the first Primarch I've painted, and I'm fairly pleased with the result!

He was one of those projects that I just couldn't put down after I started him; I ended up doing the whole model in a weekend - which is pretty good progress for someone like me!

I decided that I didn't want him surfing half a Knight Titan everywhere he went - It's an awesome base for a character model, but just wasn't to my taste. 

Once I decided that I wasn't going to use the scenic base parts, I ran into the issue that he wouldn't fit on a 40mm base! 60mm was too big, but 50mm seemed to work out just fine.

The hardest part was trying to get him stood at the correct angle - because of his scenic base, he doesn't stand quite level. It took me a long time to get the crate I've stood him on to settle correctly. It seems the Lord of Iron cares not for flat bases!

I'm one of those players that always puts helmets on my models, which means that I rarely paint flesh or eyes - his head was the area that took the longest to get to a point where I was fairly happy; though my Perturabo looks a little more manic than grumpy as a result!

All in all, Perturabo has been my favourite Heresy painting project so far... Can't wait to do another Primarch!




  1. He looks awesome! Great work!! :D

  2. Really like the dark metal armour!

  3. Glad you kept him off the knight base, it is a bit much. Looks well, bravo.

  4. How did you seal it? That finish looks great

    1. I've not actually varnished him yet. The final layer I've put on him so far is an all-over dousing of Agrax Earthshade.

    2. The effect isimole yet very fitting for Perturabo