Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Vlka Fenryka: Freki, Geri and Wolf pack Work in Progress

Hi all

I have finally got my airbrush back, so have set to getting my Wolves started. 
Firstly I decided to go with the Black Library Fluff about the colours of Freki and Geri (one is near white and the other black). 

So here is Geri

I did her fur with a nice coat of Corax White, followed by targeted Nuln oil to her shadowed and scraggy areas using an airbrush. I also did a thin seraphim sepia airbrush to her neck and upper chest to show staining from blood, as well as around her . . . never regions. . . cos' those Thousand Sons gotta come out from somewhere. . . 

Targeted highlighting will be done later to soften the darker areas. 

Freki on the other hand is a lot more of a difficult prospect to paint as he is black. So a Chaos black base, followed by a zenithal of Corvus Black was the route I chose. As with his sister, a highlight of the fur will be done to try to make him not so flat. Weathering powders around his paws might be a good idea though. 

I also chose to do 5 other wolves. One black, one white, 3 mixed browns, black and white. These were all done with Nuln oil, Seraphim Sepia, Corvus Black and an airbrush. 

Wolf 1

Wolf 2

Wolf 3


Wolf 5

Hopefully I will get round to finishing them soon, but the mouths and claws do look tricky. 

Drake Seta 


  1. Lovely mate - you can certainly see where you are going with them - looking good already.

  2. Looking good so far! Can't wait to see them finished and running next to Russ and of course being squashed by Horus! :P

  3. Looks like you ar off to a good start. Looking forward to seeing the finished product