Sunday 23 April 2017

Weekly Progress Report 23/04/2017

Hi all. 

This week has been a diverse one. Let's see what we have been up to: 

Hector has spent this week washing an awful lot of resin. Hoping that next week he will have something cool to show you all. 

Atia continued on the Squats (also known as Numeri Khazadrim) this week - more Clan Warriors including grav-calivers are on the way!

Aveinus has built another jetbike to try and complete his jetbike unit soon, along with assembling some more kharadron overlords for AoS.

Darien has had a busy week and not enough time to hobby! He did manage to undercoat his Giant Squiggoth for his orks and is hoping to get some green paint on this week!

Kaelo has got skirmish fever and is buzzing about his copy of Shadow War he was lucky enough to get. He has picked up a Tau Pathfinder team and Ethereal for a bargain of £20 and these look to be his next quick project.

I myself have been working like a Jovian on my Zone Mortalis board. I have finished the doors and paint work this week (will show soon) and started some Beds. 

Drake Seta


  1. No progress as such but was at Salute and picked up the terminator Praetor, Ixion Hale and Garro. Also placed an order to bulk out my heavy support squads.
    And picked up the HH black books Massacre and Retribution based on your comments about how good looking they are - and you were correct they are stunning!!

  2. Just finished painting my dwarf bowl team Friday night. Took them to the q'ermitt bowl this weekend, won 1 loss 1, tied 3. Killed 15 in 5 games and won most casualties. Love that deathroller. My coach argued it back on the field four times!

    1. Dude, I nearly killed that many in one game against Drakes Skaven... his Rat Ogre is lucky.....

  3. Finished a 5-man Death Guard Cataphractii squad last week (except for transfers - they're on the way!). Working on a set of Promethium Pipelines and barrels at the moment. Death Guard troops are next on the bench.

  4. Where'd you get the beds? I would love to gather some to add to my realm of battle workers houseing unit.

  5. Still trying to resist the Squats myself and wasn't helped that I found my White Dwarf in space figure at the weekend. Really like the inclusion of the Rapiers.
    Been assembling Corax (and trying to pick a helmet for him) and Icebears over the weekend.

    1. Also just finished reading Perturabo which I recommend, Guy Haley did a good job making him you dislike him but also sympathise. Nice that the book covers some key moments for the Iron Warriors too.