Monday 24 April 2017

Zone Mortalis: Doors completed

Hi all

A busy few weeks on the Zone Mortalis board means I can finally say: my doors are done! 
Actually I can also say that the tiles are painted now too, with just a coat of purity seal and Testors dull coat remaining to finish them off. 

I painted the doors so that there were a few divergent types, to make the board feel a little more interesting. 

I also tried to make the Aquila not as attention drawing so the board feels a bit more generic when it comes to whether the ship belongs to a Loyalist (or lazy) Traitor. 

Next time I will show you Freki and Geri. 

Drake Seta 


  1. Hey! Quick question here: where did you source those beds you mentioned in the weekly update yesterday? I could really use some of them.

    1. I wish I knew! They were purchased at a wargaming event. Totally forgot the manufacturer. If you find out let me know!

  2. Looks really good. I especially like the weathering - ship's not so shiny!

  3. They look great Drake - inspiration to get my finger out 😊