Saturday, 13 May 2017

Bloodvar Cup Team: Crookshank Squealers

Team: Crookshank Squealers 
Race: Skaven 
Captain: Blistok Tangleslicer
Coach: Fatark Ripwinkler
Colours: Red and white 
Team logo: triangular snow capped mountain with 2 rats beneath. One white looking to the left. The other black looking to the right
Team motto: "If we don't die today, we may die tomorrow "
Owner: John Matthews 

No.1 Skeep Ripbiter - Blitzer
Scarred beyond recognition. Skeep has a deathwish. His aim is to play well and die on the pitch. (Just like most of the team)

No.2 Skititch Clawspike - Gutter Runner
The youngest on the team, he's desperate to prove his worth and become the best he can. While he still lives.

No.9 Blistok Tangleslicer- Lineman
Captain of the team. Mainly because despite his efforts he survives from game to game. Still hoping for a glorious death on the pitch.

Coaches pre-league comments:
Well I have beside me quite a young team from the mountains. There are a few gnarly old veterans amongst them. We play in honour of our neighbouring tribesmen, the GhostVermin. They were a tribe of albinos. They were massacred by their pet rat ogre. Which is why we'll never hire one.
The whole team are hunting for their deaths on the pitch. They want to meet the GhostVermin in the afterlife.

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  1. Would be cool to see a skeleton Skaven team!

    Look forward to playing them.