Thursday, 11 May 2017

Campaign Weekend: Desecration

Hi guys,

Just to let you all know, a friend of mine is organising a Horus Heresy Campaign Weekend in Nuneaton (UK) on 30th September-1st October.

This will be an intimate event (only 20 participants total) and the focus is on the narrative rather than competitive play so if you fancy a laugh with some really good guys then come along, it would be awesome for you to join us.

It's £50 for the weekend and you will get a bacon sandwich and tea/coffee upon arrival on the Saturday morning. The venue itself is The Chase Hotel so you may be able to get a room there and it has a Flaming Grill pub so you should be covered for food there (it's quite good food and cheap too) or if you fancy something else instead, you aren't too far away from the town center either.

For more information, please check out the event pack ( and the event page on Facebook (

I hope to see some of you guys there!

Hector Cephas


  1. I'm here in the US, so too far to go. The sandwich, is it one of those bacon buttie(sp?) That Paul Sawyer used to write about white dwarf? Always wanted to try one of those.

    I think I might be hungry

    1. Yeah it is. A bacon butty is a bacon sandwich with butter :)

  2. Tempting... Most tempting