Saturday, 20 May 2017

New releases 19/05/2017 - and Sneak Peaks

Hi all

Lots of stuff coming for Blood Bowl and 30K. Let's have a gander. 

Pre-production model still . . . you know what I think still. So let's move on . . .

Custodes Hravy Dreadnought! It looks awesome!!

Can't wait for this one. All about Horus bringing a world to compliance without anything but a threat of what happened to a previous world. 

Magnooos. Looks awesome. I would have still liked to have seen him with the nipple horns. Kinda' shows him as less of a CC Primarch in my opinion. 

A great looking Ork special team. I love how FW do upgrade parts for BB. It's what they do best!

Skaven booster pack is on my list. I need some more Gutter Runners. 

White Dwarf and the Black Gobbo!

A mousepad material pitch! I hope they consider the other ones too. 

And Goblin characters!

There are some other awesome AoS and Lord of the Rings bits coming out too, but we don't have time for everything at Battle Bunnies lol!!!

Ok also FW have put up the new Custodes tank for pre-order!

Drake Seta 


  1. I'm hoping they'll have a few of the new thunderhawks at the fest next week - I really would like to get one.

  2. I think my only problem with the otherwise awesome Dark Compliance cover is just.. Horus taking out his frustration on a hologram in a 'grrr gonna show you' kinda way.

  3. I'd love some heavy blaze cannons, but i don't want to buy more Caladius