Thursday, 18 May 2017

Warsmith Astraeus Dyradon

Hi all,

I wanted to share some background about Astraeus Dyradon, the leader of my Iron Warriors (Well, he leads them when Perturabo isn't around!). I really enjoyed converting this chap and made use of parts from several different kits to get him looking how I wanted him to. When I play him on the tabletop, he's a Warsmith in Cataphrtactii Terminator Armour with a Servo Arm, Master-Crafted Paragon Blade, Digital Lasers and a Grenade Harness - He's very killy, but does occasionally get squashed by Power Fists!

Let me know what you think.


Astraeus Dyradon
Warsmith of the 9th Grand Company
Spear Bearer, The World Burner, The Bastard of Actaeon

Despite his many achievements as a Warsmith of the Iron Warriors, Astraeus Dyradon has never been able to escape his past. An illegitimate child of Actaeon, one of the twelve Tyrants of Olympia, Astraeus was never acknowledged by his father which is perhaps the sole reason he was spared following Perturabo’s conquest of his city-state. Like many young males, upon The Emperor’s arrival at Olympia, Astraeus was put forward for the trials to be inducted into the Iron Warriors. Those around him referred to Astraeus as The Bastard once his questionable parentage became known, a moniker which has stuck with him since.

The Iron Warriors’ approach to war under Perturabo’s command provided ample opportunity for rapid advancement through the ranks if a Legionary were both astute and lucky enough; fortunately, Astraeus was both. He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant as part of a company restructure following battlefield casualties, and was soon made a Captain after his repeated successes during compliances.

As a Captain Astraeus displayed an innate understanding of how to best manage men and resources; this led to his deployment to one of the smaller expeditionary fleets away from the main body of the Legion, essentially giving him his own command.

Astraeus’ fleet successfully prosecuted a number of difficult compliances within a short period of time, with casualties being within parameters deemed more than acceptable by the Primarch. As more and more worlds fell to Astraeus’ fleet, his men started referring to him as The World Burner, though behind closed doors, he was still known as The Bastard. As reports continued to reach the Primarch of Astraeus’ successes, he was eventually recalled to the main body of the Legion and made a Warsmith. Astraeus was given the Spear of Olympia upon his ascension to his new rank; a weapon crafted by Perturabo’s own masterful hand, and surely a sign of his rising favour within the Legion.

Though Astraeus had hoped to ride this wave of favour to achieve the coveted rank of Triarch, he was to be disappointed as Perturabo immediately dispatched him back to the front lines away from the body of the Legion once again. Astraeus chose to interpret this as the Primarch having faith in his ability to command his own Expeditionary Fleet, however, in his darker moments he couldn’t dismiss the thought that the Primarch would never excuse his parentage, and that as the son of a former enemy he would never be fully trusted.

Astraeus has not given up hope of joining the Trident; as the Iron Warriors converge on Olympia at Perturabo’s command, there are rumours that the world has rejected Imperial rule – Astraeus knows he will do whatever is necessary to secure his Primarch’s trust in him, and gain the rewards that follow. 

The Lord of Iron and The Bastard fight side by side to put down loyalist Death Guard and their Knight allies


  1. Love it. Great little back story to him and all. Bravo. Neat conversion on the model. I like how he is trying to mimic the Primarch and all.

  2. Great looking conversion! The background fluff for Dyradon is really interesting as well, what bits did you use in the conversion?

    1. Thanks for that! He's made up for the following parts:
      - Terminator Praetor Body and Arms
      - Abaddon's Combi-Bolter
      - Asterion Moloc's Spear
      - Iron Warrior Helmet
      - Tech-Priest Enginseer Servo Arm
      I found the part that links the servo arm to the Terminator armour in my bits box, I'm really not sure where it's from!

    2. Creative spot to put the grenade harness. Took me a sec to realize what it was.

  3. Looks great, absolutely stunning model. I love the use of the spear

  4. Great conversion and Fluff too. How long did it take you to write it?

    1. Thanks for that. Knocked the fluff up in a little under an hour, but had an idea of roughly what I wanted beforehand!

  5. Looks brilliant mate. The fluff is quality too.

  6. I'm in full agreement with the others. Great fluff and model!