Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Zone Mortalis: Life Sustainers - Part 2

Hello all

So I have finished another piece for the Zone Mortalis Life Sustainer objective pieces. This time it is the pipe work and control panels!

I sprayed black first then did the Leadbelcher bits with layering and drybrush techniques. 
I tried to follow the paint guide on the box for the brass work but it was so wrong it wasn't funny. 
So I made a mix of 1:1 Warplock Bronze to Balthasar Gold. Painted this on the main structure and avoiding the Leadbelcher bits. Then I did a Balthasar Gold coat on the secondary pipe segments which run along the main pipe (bypass pipes). 
I then inked each part with Nuln oil and once again it screws me over!
See. Nuln Oil is a temperamental devil. 

Then I had to layer the brass colours back up with drybrush and layering techniques. 

The Leadbelcher washed with Nuln Oil segments were then chipped and weathered with sponge and old firm paintbrushes with Ironbreaker. 

So the control panels can act as 2 of the 8 objectives that I might need for the Life Sustainers Wrecker mission. So that is 4 in total now which is great. 

Stay tuned for more soon. Also, Freki and Geri will be on the blog completed tomorrow if you want to see my finished Wolf Kin!

Drake Seta


  1. Very cool! It's really coming together now! I dread starting work on my own ZM board looking at how much work you've put into yours!

    1. It is soooooooo much effort. I am tired of it now lol. It's just the details that I am grinding to complete now. Still need a lot of objective pieces before I am truly happy to say it is complete

    2. The objectives and scatter terrain are the bits that I don't really want to do! The main tiles shouldn't be to bad hopefully but the rest of the bits to go with it don't seem like fun!!

  2. I'm not generally a big fan of Nuln Oil. I use it for pin washes, or occasionally when I want a really grimy appearance, but my go to black wash these days is Army Painter Dark Tone Ink. Not the QuickShade dip in the 250ml cans, but the ink in the dropper bottles. Wonderful stuff.

    1. I swear by the Dark Tone as well - it's just great!

  3. I go for the secret weapon soft body washes. I get really good results with a little ardcoat mixed in.