Thursday 22 June 2017

Death Guard - Leviathan Talon

Hi all,

Last time I spoke about my tactical squads.  I figured this time I would talk about my favorite unit in my Death Guard army to date – a talon of two Leviathans.

They have become somewhat of a crutch and always outperform everything else in my army.  In true Death Guard fashion they always footslog up the board eschewing other means of deployment.  I was slightly skeptical about this tactic at first, as I know the meta is to go with Dreadnought Drop Pods.  I’ve never had a Leviathan blown up in the first time and they have always made their points back easily.  I’ve only ever had them nuked within a turn twice, both of which was due to the untimely appearance of a Lightning loaded to the gunnels with Kraken missile penetrators! 

I was originally going to go with two ranged weapons on each, but Ikthelion and Darien managed to persuade me against this. 

My first is armed with a storm cannon, siege drill, phosphex and volkites.

My second is armed with a grav-flux bombard, siege claw, phospex and heavy flamers.

I think my favorite weapon is probably the grav-flux bombard.  It absolutely eats Justaerin and Siege Tyrants, both of which I normally struggle to take out when facing my regular opponents.  I think if I were to build a third I would probably swap out the heavy flamers on the second build for volkites. 

I built both of them at the same time and found them a fun and relatively easy kit to build compared to some of the older Forgeworld models.  I painted mine in a slightly unsual style, in so much that I prepared each component, before drilling a hole into it and mounting it on a paperclip.  This allowed me to rapidly spray all the components and paint them without worrying about messing up the white.  I then assembled them, and weathered them once built. 

What are your experiences running Leviathans?  What load out do you go for?  They are easily one of my favorite models and units, so much so that I am rather tempted to add a talon to my fledgling Thousand Sons force. 


  1. Awesome looking models!
    I'm tempted by leviathans as I need units that can deal with tanks/flyers - are they suited to dealing with these units?
    As otherwise it's a Deredo, or more likely due to cost a contemptor mortis with two kheres assault cannons!

  2. I have four. And have great success with them on the table top. I generally run 2 with the Stom cannon and siege drill Plus and heavy flamers . Seems to work well for me. I have the other one with just claws and heavy flamers . The forth is magnitized to morph to whatever it needs to be.

  3. I love my Leviathan, I've just ordered two more for my XIVth. I run mine with a Cyclonic Melta Lance, Siege Claw, Phosphex and Hvy Flamers. I intend to load one up much as you have with the storm cannon and the other is either going to be more melee orientated.

    I've also got one for 40k, as part of my excoriators. It's loaded up with siege cannon and claw with hunter seekers. I've only used it in four games and it's proved invaluable, with such glories to its name as defeating Abaddon, Belial, and the Prophet of the Waaaagh himself. So far he has fallen once and that was against Straken, we decided that after that Straken let him live so that the two may find worthy opponents in each other.

    1. Old Iron Arm.....damn . Straken is one of my favorite imperial guard heros.

    2. Straken is one of the best characters out there both on the board and in the books. I have him in my guard army and I swear he is favoured by the dice gods.

  4. They look absolutely awesome. Well done.

  5. Would you mind please explaining the paints you use for this death guard scheme? looks awesome

  6. I'm waiting for my Imperial Fists detachment as it will be relatively small and fluffwise the Legions with access to Terra are the ones who are more likely to have Leviathans. Plus you can hardly not have something with the word siege in its name when it's the Fists.

  7. I've got one ready to be built for my Thousand Sons. Really looking forward to it. But first I've got 40 sons to paint first!!

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  9. Those guys look great, very nice paintjob. I usually run one with my Imperial Fists. If it ever gets in range (also footsloging at the moment) it definitly earns back its points. I magnetised the arms, but usualy I go with the siege drill and grav flux. I have a second one ready to be built, for this one I'm going to go with dual close combat weapons and flamers. It will also arrive via Droppod, since my other one has not managed to get into close combat once