Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Zone Mortalis: Servohauler 2

Hello all. 
Another week another project to show:

Here is my scrappy lil' Servohauler 2. 

It was once again a model I completed in an evening with Dr Who in the background (sad I know but I wanted to see what the fuss was about). 

The model was painted black first then I painted it up in layers with game colour Foul green (eBay). 

Nuln oil and Agrax Earthshade was washed over the model and I did a further drybrush of Foul green to bring this up. This was then edge drybrushed with Foul Green mixed with a bit of Ushbati Bone for a light edge highlight. 

Then a light sponge of Typhus corrosion (look at how awesome this paint is, sadly you can't make out the slight gritty texture). This was then enhanced using a detail brush and painting it onto the recesses  

Track: Simple - Drybrush Vermin fur (old Citadel name) over the track really roughly, then wash with Agrax Earthshade. 

Then drybrush Leadbelcher lightly where tracks would be regularly worn followed by a lighter edge highlight drybrush of Ironbreaker. 
If you are being adventurous try using crushed HP pencil lead (ground graphite) and rub it on with your finger (I don't do this as I am lazy). 

And there we have it. 

Stay tuned for my crane!

Drake Seta


  1. Looks great, also explains what happened to "little" Horus... he became a farmer!

  2. Lovely. Never thought of sponging Typhus Corrosion, thanks