Tuesday 4 July 2017

Death Guard - Contemptor and Deredeo

Hi all,

I thought I would continue with the theme I started in my last post and talk about my last two sarcophagus interred XIV legionaries – my Contemptor and Deredeo.

My Contemptor was one of my original Death Guard models.  I purchased five MkIII marines at the start of the project and was determined to stick with infantry purchases until I had enough to field two 10 man tactical squads.  I stuck with this decision for about a week until I buckled and ordered my Contemptor.  The kit was a joy to put together and I must have easily spent two hours playing around with posing him.  I’ve found blu tack to be quite useful in working out various poses before committing.  In the end I settled for a pose that I thought conveyed him striding forward, using his grav gun to blast some Iron Warriors to smithereens.  Hopefully it comes across that way!  His other armament is a Kheres assault cannon, which has more than proven itself in the XIVs numerous engagements.

 I’ve always been impressed with the versatility of the Kheres as it always seems to step up the mark whatever the situation.  The grav-gun has also served me well, often chipping away at hull points when most needed.  It recently plinked the last hullpoint off a grav-flux bombard equipped Leviathan that was getting ready to unleash on a ten man strong terminator squad.  Needless to say the terminators were rather grateful!  I have tried running it as a Cortus, but I have never been impressed despite the point reduction.  Has anyone had any success with them as opposed to regular Contemptors?

The Deredeo is another one of my must take units.  I always struggle with my heavy slots, but it is almost an auto include.  Mine is equipped with the autocannon battery and the Aiolos missile launcher.  Both weapons are rather good, but the Aiolos missile launcher just pips it for me in terms of effectiveness.  The ability to blast away at separate targets regardless of intervening terrain is amazing.  Its ability to hammer away at tucked away artillery is not to be trifled with. 

Having said that, the autocannons are still very effective, especially as you get to reroll both to hit and pen armour thanks to being to having twin linked and sunder.

My most memorable kill to date was sniping Horus with three missiles, denying a charging Perturabo his kill!

Has anyone had any lucky with any more unusual variants?  I’ve never faced off against the lascannon battery or plasma cannonade, but I am planning on adding one to my Thousand Sons. 

I have just finished a dual Volkite wielding Contemptor for my burgeoning Thousand Sons.  I was initially sceptical as to its performance in game as I built it more for the rule of cool.  However, it more than held its own in several games of Zone Mortalis, often outperforming its rival which was toting dual Kheres! 


  1. They look good!! Deredeo's have really grown on me, I do fancy another couple to stomp around with my SoH!

    I've never been keen on the cortis version. Part of a Contemptor is its survivabilty and the cortis loses some of that!

  2. My Salamanders currently have 2 contemptor, one with kheres and one with assault cannon. I've got an inferno cannon armoured dressnought but the only time he was used he got taken out!!
    I'm looking at either a dual kheres assault cannon or deredo next to deal with flyers!! But dual volkite does look good!!!

  3. Good on you for following the rule of cool.

  4. I usually run one or two Contemptors with my Imperial Fists, one of thdm with dual Kheres, the other one with with a conversion Beamer (if I have the points). I used two Cortis Dreads once in a game of zone mortalis, one with Kheres and CCW, the other one with two CCWs and dual Plasma Blasters and I am happy to say that they more than held their own. Esp the In boost option worked great with the 2 CCW configuration

  5. Great Dreads, superb. Love the brutal look of the Thousand Sons Dread!