Monday, 3 July 2017

Community Question: Painting advice for Webway board

Hi all

With one of my big projects almost done, and us getting closer and closer to showing off our new Group Legio Custodes force, my attention is being turned towards the Webway. 

So the reason I want to get some terrain made/painted early on is 3 fold:

Firstly) I would like a board to photograph our Legio Custodes on fighting the denizens of the Waaap. So a small photo studio display is all I want at the beginning, which will be then turned hopefully into a scatter terrain filled, semi-modular board. 

Secondly) We haven't really started any Horus Heresy Campaigns yet, but if you truly think about it, the battles of the Horus Heresy really start when Magnus takes an axe to the Webway side of the Emperor's golden throne and says "Heeere's Magnoos."
So Daemons rush in and the Custodes have to fight to hold them at bay. 

Thirdly) A handsome force needs a handsome backdrop. 

So here is the question: any advice for painting the Webway terrain to the visions of Heresy look?

The terrain pieces I currently have (at the start, don't worry there will be lots more inc walls) are these TT Combat pieces

I want to use my airbrush lots and get highlighted edges to pop like in the images above. 

This image will also be used for certain towers, sections and walls too

Golds, yellows, oranges and teals are what I want to use on my palette. 

Any recommendations/ suggestions/ advice?

Drake Seta


  1. I think you should decide on a consisten colourscheme - either golds/yellows or the teal/purple route. I suspect mixing them would get to distracting. In terms of contrast to the Custodes, I'd go for the teals to mak them stand out more.

    1. Hi. I thought of combining them after seeing the image with the three jetbikes above. Teal, Shadow grey and violet buildings in the golden/green/yellow tunnel.

    2. Yea - the yelloows and golds are quite subdued in that image - almost blending in. It might work if you don't make the contrast to crass.

  2. Check out Garo's custodes on the heresy 30k site... He uses AoS bases which are purple... Look great

  3. You don't want the Custodes to blend in, so I vote for grays, blues, and purples. The occasional golden swirl or background piece is fine, just make it a cool, greenish shade if your army's gold is warm. I can't wait to see it!