Sunday, 2 July 2017

Weekly Progress Report 02/07/2017

Hi all

What have the Bunnies been up to? Well let's see:

Darien completed his Gargantuan Squiggoth, see his post yesterday for more photos. He has also built a Starweaver for his Harlequins and started adding the details to the groups Custodes.

Ahmose had kept working on his Whirlwind this week.  He has got the colours blocked in and now needs to start washing the gold and silver before moving onto highlights!

Atia has been getting on with it too. 

I have been working hard on my Warhounds and Warlord this week, focussing on Banners (which Bone Garland was really overdue for). I think they are all pretty much finished now, so the next time you see them will be in a completed post. 

Drake Seta 


  1. Great progress, especially like your work on the Banners, what graphic programme are you using, looks crisp, and what do you plan printing it on?

    1. Hi Siph. I will be doing a whole post on them soon. But the answer is AutoCAD, printing at 600dpi on a4 standard paper. Works really well.

    2. Surprised it is just standard paper. Interesting to see how that works out.

    3. Cheers Drake.
      I'm really looking forward to the post about the banners and your finished Titans. I plan to start my Warhound this summer and am still uncertain wether or not I will add banners. Also not quite sure aboit Basedesign, wether to tie him into my Imperial Fists (Starship/Industrial Theme) or my Custodes (Marble Floor) or if he will get his own independent design.