Monday 17 July 2017

Forge World Preview: The Sisters of Silence Kharon Pattern Acquisitor

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The Acquisitor is getting closer to release now!

I do like how different this vehicle looks. Sisters of Silence are not meant to be a "take on all comers" or "death to the Legions!" Style army. So this construct fits in very nicely and brings a fresh aesthetic to 30k

Psykers have nowhere to hide – the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is here in today’s sneak peek at an upcoming Forge World release. You won’t have to wait long now to add this sinister assault transport to the arsenal of your own Talons of the Emperor army.

Like the vehicles of the Adeptus Custodes, the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is a skimmer, albeit one of a more ominous and covert provenance. Aquiline motifs like the winged tailfin and the beak-like front of the vehicle tie the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor to the rest of the Talons of the Emperor, but it has a distinctively brutal silhouette, complemented by the iron-maiden style hatches on the sides of the vehicle. These are not for the Sisters of Silencebut for their unfortunate psychic quarry; the Sisters themselves disembark from the irising hatch at the skimmer’s fore, embellished with the icon of their shadowed order. It’s easy to imagine just how terrifying seeing one of these in the 31st Millennium would be, psyker or no!

In-game, the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is a versatile and powerful transport for Horus Heresy armies, either laying down a hail of fire with its weapons (you can see these at the front of the vehicle) or disrupting incoming fire with an array of cloaking technology (like the sensor pod running along the vehicle’s spine). Sisters of Silence units equipped with short ranged weaponry (like the flamer-wielding Seeker Cadre) or power weapons (like the Vigilators) are going to be harder than ever to escape when attacking out of one of these.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor soon – in the meantime, why not pick up a few Sisters of Silence for your Talons of the Emperor army, or check out their rules in The Horus Heresy Book VII: Inferno?

Love it or hate it, this craft will look awesome with a nice paint job and some weathering. 

Drake Seta


  1. "Iron maiden" hatches on the side? Do they mean those vaguely bottle-shaped plates? Would've looked better if they'd been actual sculpted iron maiden lids...

    1. Would have been great if they had modelled the side doors that they can open and slide the Iron Maidens out on the overhead mounted rail as FW described it to us. Great opportunity for a conversion and diorama.

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