Sunday 16 July 2017

Weekly Progress Report 16/07/2017

Hi all

Let's see what has been going on this week. 

Ikthelion has been working on his last Rhino and his Iron Havocs this week; only a few outstanding bits before all is Iron Warriors are painted!

Ahmose has realised he needs to get a wiggle on to get his army ready for the Throne of Skulls in August.  He's managed to sculpt some bases, assemble, prime and start work on four more Blade Cabal and a second terminator squad. He's hoping to get them all finished by next weekend. He's also started work on diversifying his HQ choices.

Darien has finished off the 15 custodes that he has been working on for the group. He also built 2 bloodbowl teams.

Aveinus has been painting his trukk for his bad moon orks. He'll start to add battle damage and other details soon

I have been getting the Webway terrain started so that we can start looking at a Campaign. 

Drake Seta

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  1. How was the eldar terrain made? I'm interested in doing my own board but for the Quins.