Thursday 13 July 2017

Zone Mortalis: Life Sustainers - Part 4

Hi all

More Life Sustainer objective pieces done now! 

These Haemotrope Reactors can be used as Plasma pump units whereby sabotaging the piece would create chaos on nearby decks etc. 

It was very fun to paint, but once again I don't like the thought of there being blood or martyrs going round and round. There is grim dark and there is silly. 

It is pretty cool to see the units being connected to each other too. 

So that I think is a total of 7 possible objectives. So I could almost count the Life Sustainer part as complete. 

Drake Seta


  1. How did you get the pipe with four connectors on it in the third picture?

    1. It's a small off pipe on the pipe with the three sections. If you position it carefully it can look like another junction.

    2. Ah thank you very much!! I shall do that with mine I think