Sunday 9 July 2017

Weekly Progress Report 09/07/2017

Hi all

Another Sunday rolls around. Let's see what the group have done this week. 

Kaelo has been working on his Primaris Ultramarine force. There will be a post on this project in the future where he explains his theme around the army. For now here is a couple of WIP pictures.

Aveinus has started an ork project which will be done alongside his Eldar. This week he's assembled some boyz, a painboy and some killa kanz

Hector has made a little bit more progress on his Nurgle Knight Titan by sawing his Chaos Knight armour parts to size. Next up: more green stuffing.

Darien has been continuing work on the groups Custodes! They are coming along nicely and should be finished soon.

Ikthelion has realised that Throne of Skulls isn't as far away as he thought it was, so has been doing some work to finish up his Iron Warriors

Atia was on a festival this week - no progress but lots of fun.

Ahmose has almost got his Whirlwind finished this week.  He just needs to use some varnish to get rid of the transfer lines.  He has also managed to get his Moritat primed.  Once his Whirlwind is finished work will commence on Ahriman!

I have been amassing painting materials for my Webway terrain project as well as assembling some Shadow War terrain. I also managed to get a game of Burning of Prospero in. 

Drake Seta


  1. Great content update. Atia really needs to buck her game up ;)

  2. Nice!! Finally some smurfs on this here blog!!! Got my desthguard done, and starting work on the new primaries marines.

  3. Dang Bunnies!! Some amazing quality finished products coming out of the blog these days! Always good to see. Great motivator to get painting on my own things done