Thursday 20 July 2017

Throne of Skulls - Assault on Angelus Minor

Hi all,

I thought I would take a break from talking about my Death Guard this week and focus my attention on the upcoming Throne of Skulls.

This will be the second gaming event I have attended, the first being earlier this year with Ikthelion at the Heresy Doubles.

I'm planning on taking my budding Thousand Sons force if it can get 2000 points assembled, painted and made ready for war in time.  Historically, my normal gaming opponents are Ikthelion and Darien, with very much an emphasis on fun, narrative gaming.

My force was originally focussed on an escalation style Zone Mortals campaign, so my available models are somewhat skewed towards this.  I've poured over the event pack and it's clear Warhammer World want the games to be fun and friendly as opposed to ultra competitive/win at all costs.  The realist in me though is a bit worried I'm going to get kerb stomped in every game by super competitive lists/titans - bringing back rather horrible memories of Prospero for my legionaries!

At the minute I am planning on taking the following 2k list running Pride of the Legion:


Arcane litanies, Artificer Armour, ML1, Plasma Pistol, Force Weapon, Refractor Field,


Veteran Squad
Veterans x 9
Asphyx Shells, ML 1, 2 x Heavy Bolters with suspensor web, Vexilla
Artificer Armour, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Legion Tactical Support Squad
Troops x 4
Volkie Calivers, Extra close combat weapon
Volkite Caliver, Artificer Armour

Legion Tactical Support Squad
Troops x 4
Volkite Caliver, Extra close combat weapon
Volkite Caliver, Artificer Armour

Legion Terminator Squad
Troops x 4
ML1, Tartaros Armour,
2x Chain Fist
1 x Autocannon
2 x Lightning Claw
2 x Combi plasma
1x Combi plasma and power fist

Legion Terminator Squad
Troops x 4
ML 1, Tartaros Armour
2 x Chain Fist
1 x Plasma Blaster
1 x Combi Melta
2 x dual Lightning Claw.
1 x Combi Melta, 1 x Chain Fist.


Contemptor Dreadnought
2 x Volkite Culverin

Khenetai Blade Occult Cabal 
1 x Blademaster
9 x Blades

Heavy Support 

Whirlwind Scorpius

I know I'm severely lacking in anti-armour, so I could swap to my Death Guard if the general consensus is that I am going to be owned.  Having said that, I'm more interested in having a good laugh and meeting some like-minded fellow hobbyists.

As this is my first solo event what tips would you give me?


  1. Be ready to deal with things you'd normally leave to a partner. List sounds solid. Use those support squads to protect the scorpius, and the terminators as smash it up units. Those blade dudes are going to catch a lot of fire without a transport. The objective game may be a bit tricky

  2. My concern for this event is titans. The last ToS had a specific exclusion that this event lacks. Even with the "non-competitive" atmosphere that GW are trying to develop with these events I wouldn't be surprised to see at least a Warhound or two.

  3. Looks like a fun reasonably balanced list but lacking in speed. A couple of rhino would good but difficult on short notice.
    Any plan on how you'd deal with Knights? They're always popular because a Knight army is fluffy and difficult to play against with the wrong match up.