Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Webway War: Painting the board

Hi all

In the near future myself and Darien will be slowly showing pics of our Legio Custodes group army. Before we do this I wanted a suitable board to show them on. I decided that as one of the first conflicts to start in the Horus Heresy was the Webway War, that I would try to create a board which represented the collected Visions version of the Webway.

 The exact shape and form of the Webway is not fully understood by the Eldar of the present day. Known by some as the Labyrinth Dimension, the Webway has been envisioned by mortal minds in myriad ways. Some describe it as a galactic tapestry of shimmering strands, others a maze of glowing tunnels, or the veins of some vast living entity. All such accounts fall short of the truth, for the Webway defies neat categorisation. It is an elegantly crafted realm located between realspace and the Warp, analogous to the surface of a still, dark pool, or a fine silk veil drawn across something foul.

And here is what I have done tonight;

Start with a piece of 2ft by 4ft white sided mdf. Cut some random shapes from card. 

Spray the curved edges with bursts of chaos Black. Then stagger the card in places to create connections and winding areas. Also when removed, spray along the line you have just created again to soften the edges. 

Ending up with something like this. 

Then spray pyroclast orange over areas like so. 

Then a green ink (I used coat d' arms ink wash green). Then a few areas of Eidolon purple. 

Then another quick burst of Chaos black over the entire board again. 

Then the fun part. Painting white lines:
Uni paint pen was best for speed, but sharpie was the best. 

I did a few spurts of white spray to soften certain areas. 

I then covered the board with Sigismund Yellow

And here is a Legio Custode on the board. 

And this is what I based it on. 

Not too disappointed with the results to be honest :)

Drake Seta


  1. That looks seriously awesome!! Great job! Can't wait to see the custodes slaughtering the Forces of chaos on that!!

  2. Wow! This looks amazing! I am blown away by how you planned the layers and by the result. Now I can't wait to see what the terrain looks like painted up and on the board.

  3. Looking great, some basic terrain like from Gangs of Commorragh (different scheme obviously to match the webgate) would work well I think and match the artwork.

    1. Definitely. Looking forward to the next phase too.