Thursday, 3 August 2017

Bad Moon Orks: Ork Warboss

Hello everyone,

I'm back to show you my Bad Moon Ork Warboss which belongs to my newly started Ork army for 30K and 40K.

I have always wanted to start an Ork army and I had actually began to paint a Goff force just before I joined the bunnies a few years ago. These models have formed the beginnings of my new Bad Moons army, so some were partially painted which has helped me get the army off to a swift start. This however does not mean I have given up on my Eldar project, which will continue after I have a decent and playable chunk of the Ork army completed!

So first model I have to show you is Warboss Gorzod of the Bad Moons (He will be based properly soon!)

The idea behind the Ork army is that it will be more of a table top standard army painting wise, as I can get them painted a lot quicker than I can my Eldar. I also don't need to concentrate as much on the layering and highlighting as I am using extensive battle damage across the army.

I have used sponging to be able to apply Doombull Brown and then a smaller amount of leadbelcher across the yellow armour.

I have then also been trialing a new way of painting Ork skin which has been layered up from a base of Elysian Green compared to Warboss Green that I have used in the past. I am also currently deciding what basing scheme to go with.

I'm hoping the yellow scheme will look quite striking on the table, but I also wanted to use the battle damage to keep the feel of Orks being a dirty and constantly warring race, so they shouldn't have pristine looking yellow armour.

As for the rest of the force I have almost completed an Ork Trukk, a squad of 10 Ork boyz and a Killa Kan with 20 storm boyz on order!

Just another quick post from me, I will look at doing some more Ork posts about lists and tactics in the future as well as showing you the units I manage to complete in the coming weeks and months!

So I hope you like the first bad moon to arrive on the blog and thanks again for reading,

Aveinus Kaane


  1. Love the wear and tear on the power claw. Great looking mini.

  2. Don't go out tonight/They're bound to take your life

  3. Hi Aveinus, in "the old fluff" warbosses were darker than other Orks as they got bigger and darker the more powerful they were. I am in the midst of painting a huge Ork commission army. My recipe for warbosses is; Caliban Green base over black primer, layer Warboss Green and Highlight Moot Green.


    2. Hi Chris, Ahh I didn't know that! After trying out some of the darker schemes I personally just preferred a ligther skin tone and I like how it helps to bring out the models details. It may change in the future but for the time being i've settled on Eylsian Green, Athoian camoshade wash, Layer of Elysian, 50/50 Elysian and nurgling green, 25/75 of the same paint and then 75/25 nurgling green and yriel yellow as a highlight. I won't go to this extent on the regular boyz though!

      Thanks for the link and for sharing your recipe. I'll check it out :)