Friday, 4 August 2017

Forge World New Releases 04/08/2017

Two words. Ripple Fire. 

The new Sicaran Arcus is an awesome looking and quite dangerous tank. It's anti air capabilities are very impressive. 

The options of firing 3 different and very specific missiles is very tactically advantageous. 

 The Arcus Warheads are very good against squadrons of skimmers. 

The Skyspear Warheads should see most aircraft falling from the sky after a barrage from these. 

The Pyrax Warheads are great against Eldar, Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum and Tau. 

The Neutron Flux rounds are very obviously the reason why the Mechanicum do not like this vehicle. 

Well. I'm getting all Sicaran variants for my Vlka Fenryka. 

Drake Seta


  1. I was just going to get the Punisher variant for the Rout but that embodies being prepared to take on and kill anybody!

    1. Very good point.
      Can you kill a man with a gun?
      Can you kill a man with a shovel?

  2. Nice, how does it translate over to 40k 8th? Is it in an Index?

    1. The rules for it in 8th are free to download from the FW page